Gamefest on target for November fun!

Planning is accelerating for this November’s Emerald City Gamefest. Expect to see the registration page and the ECG virtual store go live in the next few days. We have also been discussing the table layout and will make it easier for players to find the games they are looking for.

Here are some of the things you can expect to see for this year’s Emerald City Gamefest:

Before the event

At the event

  • All the gaming tables will be concentrated in the same area, rather than being mixed with non-gaming tables.
  • Each table will be visibly numbered so players can find their games easily.
  • GMs and table organizers will have up to an hour before the event to set up tables (terrain, figures, etc.) and an hour after the event to pack up.
  • Attendees will receive a registration package that will include the event schedule, raffle tickets, and coupons.
  • Attendees can earn additional raffle tickets by bringing a food donation for Northwest Harvest.
  • At popular request, uh… No more noisy P.A. system addresses every half-hour. 😉

Although our schedule is tighter than last year, we believe this will use it more efficiently and we’ll get another great event. Game on!

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