ConQuest NW 2008 Wrap-Up

The third edition of ConQuest NW just ended on February 18.  This year, Emerald City Gamefest organized the role-playing section and provided staffing for program management.  Our RPG events including at least 30 games (up from 17 last year), among which were the Four Days of Freeport event and the brand new Story Game Lounge.

The Four Days of Freeport event, sponsored by Green Ronin, introduced role-players to Green Ronin’s signature Freeport setting through a variety of systems.  After-event reports will be posted soon!

The Story Game Lounge was a a new feature, allowing fans of low-prep, story-intensive role-playing games to come together and throw impromptu games in a relaxed environment.  It was a big success and has already been confirmed as a programmed event for ConQuest NW 2009.  For some some summaries of this year’s event, see the Stabbing Contest podcast #009, Geek Girls Rule #40.5, and these threads on Story Games and on The Northwest Circle.

Other parts of the convention not organized by ECG went equally well.  Special props to the live-action role-play (LARP) crew from Portland, 5th Wall Gaming, for organizing activities around the clock through the entire weekend.  They did a fantastic job and we look forward to seeing them again at Dragonflight in August.  Tip of the hat to the miniatures game area, which had fantastically handsome displays at all times.


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