Talking ’bout us

A roundup of recent blog threads discussing last week’s Gamefest:

  • Fear The Boot: Episode #124 of the podcast and a recent blog entry talk about our guest Wolfgang Baur’s endeavours (Kobold Quarterly) and about Emerald City Gamefest. They have nice words for the event and even a photo.
  • The Blog of Michael Clinard: Speaking of photos, Michael shows some of the portraits he took at the Gamefest. You may remember Michael was the charming photographer set up in the far corner, a complete newcomer to gaming!
  • The Bar None: Heath White’s blog, where he talked about our event and links to a bunch of additional cool photos.
  • The Gumby Cave: Our chairman’s LiveJournal entry and his impression of the event.
  • The Redmond Menace: Steve Enemark says he had an excellent time, and we’re delighted to hear it!
  • Geek Girls Rule!: Our guest Mickey Schulz talks, in issue #65 of her blog, about the games she ran (The Keep) and played (In A Wicked Age) at the Gamefest.
  • Shastapsh Chronicles: Kevin Smyth posted about his gorgeous awesome Sky Galleons of Mars game: SGoM at the Gamefest. Photos!
  • Story Games: Johnzo, Kristian, Wilhelm, Jackson, Mickey, Lukas, and Ben talk about the event in Emerald City Game Fest = Hot, with many kind words. Blush!

Thank you to everyone who showed up. If you know of more blog or forum threads discussing our event, please let us know!


2 Responses

  1. Don’t forget Kevin Smyth and the Sky Galleon of Mars game! In his Shastapsh Chronicles he posted about his event: SGoM at the Gamefest.

  2. By Jove, you’re right! I shall immediately add it to the list!

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