ECG at ConQuest NW 2009

Just barely done with our recent Game Day success, we’re back to frantic planning as we prepare for the fourth edition of ConQuest NW — and the second time we’re organizing the role-playing track.

We are excited to once again be participating with one of the best conventions in the Pacific Northwest this year, and think that role-playing will be even better than it was last year. If you are not a role-player though, have no fear — Conquest NW will be hosting a large variety of games this year, including ConQuest Seattle Indy Grand Tournament, one of the premier Games Workshop events of the year!

ConQuest NW is just around the corner coming to the Doubletree Hotel at the Seattle Airport one month earlier! January 16-18, 2009. So don’t get caught unprepared — register today and save on your convention pass! If you register soon, you can take advantage of the reduced pre-registration price of $40 until December 31; or the Conquest NW 49 for $49 deal (weekend pass + shirt) while supplies last. Doesn’t a convention pass make a great Christmas present for your gamer friends?

Here is a whole lot more information about what to expect at ConQuest NW below the cut, direct from Avalon Game Conventions.

The cool things at ConQuest NW this year!

  1. Never-Ending Flea Market — Come and bring your old, unwanted gaming stuff, and sell it to someone else at ConQuest! We are offering Flea Market spaces to attendees in two hour blocks to pick up some cash for those old games. This is also a great way for gaming clubs and organizations to raise money for their coffers. Complete details are on our website!
  2. Free Prizes! — every scheduled game you play in at ConQuest earns you a chance (one ticket) to win a free prize! every scheduled game you GM at ConQuest earns you two chances (two tickets) to win a free prize! Tickets drawn every slot!
  3. ConQuest NW Championship Plaques — For the first time ever, you can get a shiny wooden plaque for finishing first in a number of our tournaments!
  4. Warhammer Indy Grand Tournaments — We are proud to be hosting the return of Grand Tournament play to the Seattle area. The last GTs were held in 2005, and beginning in 2009, we’ll be hosting these events every year! So, Grand Tournaments are here to stay! Tons and tons of prizes directly from Games Workshop, paint seminars and contests. Not to mention, the two-day Warhammer Indy GT and Warhammer 40,000 Indy GT.
  5. Centralized Gaming Hall — All the gaming is in one huge giant hall! (We will use the airwalls to dampen the sound considerably.) Close by bathrooms, and just across the street are a Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, Dennys, and another very affordable diner.
  6. Free Airport Shuttle — The Doubletree offers free shuttle service to and from the airport. That’s right… free!
  7. Seminars — Stay tuned, as we are preparing to announce later this weekend our seminar track for ConQuest NW. With the former executive director of GAMA as a guest, he has offered to hold seminars on convention planning and game design. You don’t want to miss these!
  8. Mucho Monster Gaming — Want to spread out and play those games over the weekend. No problem…at our new digs, we have an amazing amount of space to host a bevy of Monster Games! Want to host a game for you and four of your buddies? We’ll reserve that table for you… all weekend long!
  9. NW ASL Championships — For a fourth year, the Puget Sound Advanced Squad Leaders are holding their championships at ConQuest NW. Dozens of players will fight it out this year!
    And if we get 40 players at the tournament… we’ll pickup the two night hotel bill of the winner next year (room and tax only at the convention rate.)
  10. Hotel Room Give-Away! — If we make our hotel committment, we will do a drawing of everyone who booked two nights at the hotel for the convention, and two lucky winners will have their two nights (room and tax at the convention rate only) paid for by us! Our hotel block is only 200 room nights for the weekend… so that’s a 1 in 50 chance of getting your rooms paid for.
  11. 49 for 49 — We are offering a limited supply of tickets at $49 each which includes a ConQuest NW T-shirt, as well as a weekend convention pass. Regular value at the door is $70… you can save $11 off the prereg value of $60. This is limited to the first 49 folks who take advantage of the offer.
  12. Electronic Game Alley — We are offering electronic gaming at ConQuest for the first time ever. So there.
  13. Living Forgotten Realms — We are offering eight slots (plus midnight madness!) of RPGA campaign play using the new 4.0 rules set! This event is always well attended, and this year we are offering the special adventure SPEC1-1 Shades of the Zentarim from GenCon!
  14. The Best Gaming in the NW — ConQuest has it all. Grand Tournaments. Flea Markets. Monsterpocalypse. Dungeons and Dragons. Advanced Squad Leader. Championship Plaques. Free Prizes. Special Deals. Flames of War National Qualifier. DBA Open. And so much more.

Remember… it’s sooner than you think!
January 16-18, 2009 — Doubletree Hotel Seattle Airport
Pre Registration $40 ($50 at the door)
Hotel Convention Rate — $105 a night
ConQuest NW – The Best Gaming in the NW!

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