Latest episode of the Shastapsh Chronicles

Copyright Michael Clinard 2008

Copyright Michael Clinard 2008

Kevin Smyth and his Red Captains again fight the good fight in the skies of Mars with their latest episode of the Shastapsh Chronicles: Flight from Shastapsh: The Campaign Begins, a Sky Galleons of Mars campaign.

I played this scenario before at a Dragonflight convention, I don’t remember which one. This was fun as the British were saddled with the slow moving dirigibles, lumber beasts of the air, and easy targets for the mystery vessels to take down.

And it seems that history repeats itself, as the mystery raiders take down two of the British airships. The same ones that were taken down when I played this scenario.



3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the impressions! And I took the liberty of adding a photo because — we just got a big batch of photos from Michael Clinard! They will be finished uploading soon.

  2. Thanks Sophie! I tried to link to Kevin’s photos, but the interface is not Safari friendly. 😦

    I can’t wait to see the photos Michael took of the Gamefest!

  3. They’ll be here on the Website soon, but you can see them on our Facebook Page too:

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