Conquest NW deadline approaching

Just a reminder to everyone that the deadline to get free registration by running games at Conquest NW is fast approaching. Get your games in soon!

From the Conquest NW website

(1) You must submit a game before December 15, 2008. No exceptions.
(2) It must be approved and published by Convention Staff.
(3) You need to run a minimum of twelve hours of game to earn a weekend pass. This may be in more than one game. (Additionally, If you can only come to the convention for one day and wish to earn your one day badge for Saturday or Sunday, then you only need volunteer for six hours.) Indy GT badges cannot be earned in this fashion.
(4) You must be capable of teaching the game to new players.
(5) You must be able to supply the basic materials (game, dice, photocopies, etc.) for your game.
(6) You must be at least 18 years of age.
(7) You must submit a valid, verifiable email address, and legal name to the convention. Photo ID is required to pickup your GM packet at the convention.

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