New Column: Why We Game by Richard Tucholka

My good friend, Richard Tucholka, wrote a guest column gamemaster3about why people play RPGs and other games: Why We Game. I first met Richard Tucholka about 20 years ago at an Order of Liebowitz game night at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. There I really learned the craft of being a GM under his tutelage.

And there was being part of the crew of the ISCO Santa Barbara, exploring the different worlds of the Time Bagel, (Which later became the basis for Fringeworthy.) and being exposed to women gamers. At that time, at the Sunday night game at the Order of Liebowitz, the male to female ratio was about 3 males to 1 female, unheard of at that time (1977). 

So read his words of wisdom, and hopefully come away a little bit wiser.

2 Responses

  1. Thank you for obtaining and posting this, John!

  2. You’re welcome Sophie. I played editor to his writer, his column had to go through at least one editing and expansion pass. And I did the bad editor thing of waking him up, (He a works graveyard shift.) and thanking him for the column.

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