Mortalis LARP at ConQuest

mortalisAmber Eagar of Mortalis Games announced on Emerald City Game Feast on Monday:

Here’s my shameless promotion: I’ll be in the LARP room promoting my game system, Mortalis LARP. Won’t be running anything, just promoting my system and helping 5th Wall Gaming out.

For those unfamiliar with the acronym, LARP means live-action role-playing.  Mortalis Games have both a Website and a LiveJournal community that will be of interest to LARPers.  Mortalis is a fantasy-themed game using a boffer-type system, meaning combat action are resolved through the use of padded weapons facsimiles.

LARPs at ConQuest NW are organized by the Portland-based LARP organization called 5th Wall Gaming, a bunch of great people who run extremely fun games.  And I do mean “Xtreme”…  🙂

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