Games I am running at Conquest NW

Here’s a list of the games I am running at this year’s Conquest NW.

Friday, 2:00 pm

A Mission to Barkstone

Mouse Guard

4.5 hrs, 3 players

Spring, 1153 In the wake of Midnight’s rebellion the town of Barkstone has been left short of supplies and has few militia left. Your patrol is being dispatched to help protect foraging parties being sent perilously close to the Darkheather in search of food.

Saturday, 9:00 am

Won’t You Spare me Over ’til Another Year?

Knights of the Road, Knights of the Rail,

4.5 hrs, 6 players

THE DATE: 1934

THE PLACE: Picayune, Mississippi

You and your bunkies were catting a freight when you got spied by the bulls and had to hit the grit or do a hitch. Now you’ve jungled up for the night and are gathered about your gunboat, downing the last of your mulligan stew, when unearthly singing calls to you across the cotton fields. Can you and your fellow ‘boes save an innocent woman and child when Old Man Death comes a’callin?

Saturday, 2:00 pm

To Ward Against the Darkness

Quaestors of the Middle Realm (set in Tekumel),

4.5 hrs, 6 players

For thousands of years the Sinking Land clan has lived in the great marshes of the Flats of Tsechélnu. Now trouble has come in the form of a courier dressed in the uniform of the Omnipotent Azure Legion, his body found in the marsh, bloated from exposure to the Food of the Ssú. A messenger has been dispatched to Penóm but it is a six-day round trip. Can you solve the mystery before an Imperial investigation brings trouble to your village?

Sunday, 9:00 am

Vanished Planet

2 hrs, 5 players

EARTH HAS VANISHED. A seething mass of darkness has appeared where earth once was, and is stretching its deadly tentacles towards the homeworlds. Now cryptic messages are being transmitted from vanished planet Earth. It s up to you to complete these goals, banish the creature, and restore Earth before your homeworld is destroyed! Vanished Planet is a cooperative game for 1-6 players who must work together to manage their resources and complete mission goals to win.

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