ConQuest NW report


Last weekend’s ConQuest NW was great fun, if exhausting.

On Friday I played in the Mouse Guard RPG, and in the Once Upon A Time non-collectible card game.  On Saturday I played in a role-playing game called Knights of the Road, Knights of the Rail, another RPG called In A Wicked Age, and a board game, Vanished Planet.  Mickey “Geek Girl” Schulz and I also sat down to record segments for a new podcast we are starting, called Geek Sisterhood.

On Sunday, I ran a game of Cat, a game which seems to attract uncanny interest in terms of attendance; most of the players had been in previous episodes of the game these last two years.

I also had a great time chatting with so many people I only get to play with at conventions.  All in all, an excellent convention, and perhaps my best experience at ConQuest NW to date.  Thank you very much to everybody who made it happen, from the organizers to our friends to the new people we met.

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  1. I had a lot of fun at Conquest NW this year. I must admit that in the beginning, for a variety of reasons, I was a bit skeptical about the weekend – 22 hours in a car is a lot of time to spend to go to a convention for one thing. But I ran some very fun games, and I played in a couple of games that were also fun, and I learned some things too. I also got to see many of my friends from the Seattle area – to game with some of them, have meals with some of them, and to just hang out with some of them and shoot the breeze.

    Overall I thought that the roleplaying track did very well. All the tables seemed to be filled much of the time. The miniatures tables seemed to be full too, especially on Sunday. I don’t know how the board gaming room went – maybe someone else could post on that.

    The Doubletree seemed like a nice hotel, and the rooms looked comfortable. I didn’t stay in one because we wanted to be able to visit with some friends of ours while in Seattle and the “getting up” and “going to bed” time was about all we could work in, but I heard no complaints from anyone.

    This was my first convention for running a board game and I found it to be an interesting and very different experience from running a roleplaying game at a convention. The prep time for a board game is much lower than for an RPG, for one thing, and many board games can be fit into a single time block, which is nice.

    From a purely organizational standpoint, the convention also seemed to be very well run. There were, of course, occasional minor glitches and problems that always pop up sooner or later at events like this, but those that came to my attention were always taken care of quickly and professionally by the staff.

    I also recommend Dave’s Diner near the hotel as a good place to spend your food money – way better than Denny’s, Taco Bell, or Jack In The Box nearby and inexpensive as well. That’s where my food money went for the entire weekend.

    Overall, I give the event two thumbs up!

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