Afterlife Blues

The great folks behind the web comic, Afterlife Blues, (Jon Kilgannon and Mark Sachs) have graciously linked to our site, so I would like to return the favor. As to how this happened is a bit odd.

Afterlife Blues is a heist story taking place on the blasted world of New Abilene. The primary character is a ne’er do-well of a small time crook, Brody Isett, who hails from this world. (I believe that he’s wanted on that world.) The story is told in flashback, with Brody being interviewed by a reporter. So far, they’ve managed to smuggle him back onto New Abilene by dropping him down a light tunnel in a mirrored ball, and the rest of the crew is trying to pass a roadblock. 

Afterlife Blues

Afterlife Blues

The following comic was on their site last week and they decided to run a quick little contest: Guess the model and make of the car used by the characters in the strip. 

So I looked at it and from the single look, I knew that it was a Trabant. You know, the sturdy little roustabout manufactured by the East Germans from 1957 – 1991. It didn’t last much longer than the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.


The Reliable Trabant

It is unmistakable and it really didn’t change in the 30 years it was in production. Boxy, it had a two-stroke engine, and smoked as heavily as the people who drove it. So when I saw that front end, my mind must have picked up the image from somewhere and said “Trabant”. I did a quick google and even found the image the artist, Mark Sachs, used as his reference model.

So check out their web comic and enjoy the current story. And for a lost night, check out their previous web comic, A Miracle of Science! A rousing tale of mad scientists, collective minds, and ex-mad scientist, turned cop. Oh, and mad scientist bent on SHOWING THEM ALL! Bwahahahahahaha!


So, again, I’d like to offer them my thanks for the link to our site and I hope they appreciate this link back to their site!


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  1. I really liked “A Miracle of Science”, though I haven’t read “Afterlife Blues” yet. Thanks for putting it on my radar screen!

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