Midnight Urchins: Game Recap

My game was quite fun to run. The players made me laugh a lot and I let them get away with too much because of it.

Dramatis Personae


Chum Budley as played by Michael


  • Projectile Vomit
  • Iron Liver
  • Stabbing Survivor

Chunk Budley as played by Michael


  • Crazy Face
  • Scary Fast
  • Even Chum makes sense to me

Mario as played by Steve


  • Walk away from terrible crashes
  • Don’t look dangerous
  • Inexplicably doesn’t smell bad

Blowfish as played by Mark


  • Um, I believe that’s mine
  • Punk’s Junk, heavy metal rules
  • The Pope is my godfather

Shackbuilder as played by Adam


  • Shackbuilding
  • Beard of frightening manliness
  • Technobabble

NPCs as played by Laura

Billy Bob Jim Bob Joe Bob

  • Construction Worker
  • Meat 5
  • Mind 1 (driven crazy so he hears voices)

Alice the Waitress

  • Meat 6
  • Mind 1 (driven to a crazy rampage as a serial killer)

Sarah (the gullible)

  • Meat 6
  • Mind 3
  • Owner of a very cheap laptop.

White BMW Guy (Owns Pete’s Pet Store)

  • Meat 2
  • Mind 6
  • Water Spritzer +2

Mongo Carver (the skater kid)

  • Meat 6
  • Mind 6
  • Golden skateboard +4


  • Meat 4
  • Mind 3


  • The Past is Golden
  • If the shoe fits, wear it
  • Elvis is my love

Game Recap

Turn 1: Since Mark had played before, we decided that he should take the first turn. Blowfish decided to go out scrounging for a weapon. Since the Pope was his Godfather he staked out the dumpster behind a local church. He was in luck since a short time later, a guy brought out a large wooden cross and threw it away. Blowfish swooped in and grabbed it and ended up with a +1 wooden cross.

Turn 2: Steve aka Mario wanted to do the classic dine and dash to get some food. He chose a Red Robin and since he smelled good and seemed non-threatening he managed to look like he belonged. The waitress then became his enemy as he left without paying and didn’t even leave a tip. I rolled up Alice the waitress with a meat of 6 and a mind of 2. People must dine and dash on her a lot.

Turn 3: Adam, whose character sheet I don’t have, was up on deck. He built a quick shack up on the street and put up a sign saying “Cheap Linux Installation.” His plan was to steal a foolish meathead’s laptop. He managed to find a rather stupid young lady named Sarah who gave him her laptop. He ran off to sell it, but unfortunately it was so cheap it was only worth one money. He promptly bought some blue crystals with it and increased his mind by one.

Turn 4: Last but not least it was Michael’s turn. He really got into character as Chum Budley. He decided to attack another scummer and take his money. He attacked the NPC known as shack builder. Apparently Chum had used the fellow’s services in the past and was a dis-satisfied customer. He managed to beat shack builder up, but only got one money from him. It was the final turn for the round and he was the only one with money.

Lights go Out Chum decided that he didn’t want to pay for the light and since no one else had any money, the lights went out. I rolled on the “lights out” table and came up with “Lost.” Since he was the one who could have paid, Chum wandered off in the dark and got lost in a deep cavern under Scum City. Despite the fact that he had brought it on himself, Blowfish and Shackbuilder II (what I will call Adam’s character) went looking for him. They managed to find him and he attacked Blowfish, laughing manically. Blowfish fended him off pretty easily, putting him into the gutter(his meant went down to zero). Shackbuilder took the opportunity of them fighting to try to run off and get them both lost, but I ruled that Blowfish could find his way out. He brought Chum with him to be the squire to his paladin.

Turn 5: Blowfish, carrying Chum along, went looking for a proper steed. The only place to find a proper steed was in a grocery store parking lot. He spotted a very fine looking grocery cart with food in it. Unfortunately it was being pushed by the rather buff Alice the waitress. Blowfish bravely confronted the guardian of the shopping cart, and because it amused me I allowed Chum to shout insults at her even though he was in the gutter and wasn’t supposed to be able to do anything. He rolled so good on his mind dice he drove Alice insane. I rolled on the insanity table and she went on a rampage. I decided she became a serial killer. She ran away leaving the +1 shopping cart to Blowfish and Chum. There were 5 pieces of food in the cart and Blowfish shared it among the scummers at the table. He fed Chum so that he could get out of the gutter.

Turn 6: Mario was envious of Blowfish’s grocery cart and he went looking for transportation of his own. He picked a young man on a skateboard as his target. Unfortunately for him the boy he picked was Mondo Carver, a smart buff young man with a +4 golden skateboard. Mario was no match for Mondo and the boy simply skated right over the scummer.

Turn 7: Shackbuilder wanted to find a weapon so he headed for a construction site. There he fought with Billy Bob and managed to cow the fellow into submission with his techno babble and manly beard. He used mind and drove the hapless Billy Bob insane then stole his +1 tool belt. Billy Bob now hears voices.

Turn 8: Since Chum had been in the gutter and got to act on Blowfish’s turn, there was no turn 8.

Lights Go Out Since nobody had any money except for Blowfish who had looted Chum while he was in the gutter they let the lights go out again. I rolled on the lights out chart and came up with Earthquake. Everyone had to roll their meat to keep from being swallowed up by the earth. The only one who failed was Chum. He fell down into the pit and was never heard from again.

Turn 9: While Michael was busy making a new character, the rest of the scummers went on with their pitiful lives. Blowfish went looking for a dominatrix to beat up. He managed to find one and took her +2 whip without much trouble.

Turn 10: Mario headed for a busy street and looked for the right car and driver. His plan was to jump out and surprise a driver so that the car would crash and he could loot it while the driver dealt with insurance. He chose a white BMW driven by BMW guy. Unfortunately for Mario, the driver was a bit too good and Mario ended up with nothing.

Turn 11: Shackbuilder decided he would build a memorial shack to give honor to the memory of Saint Chum Budley. They had started a religion based on not paying for the light with Chum as their Saint. I let him roll his mind and said that the audience of scummer would give him donations based on the quality of his shack building.

Turn 12: Chum’s twin brother, Chunk, came onto the scene during the shack construction. He was very touched at the fine shack that was thrown down into the abyss after his dead brother. Perhaps in honor of Chum, he went to beat up on another scummer and take their stuff. He chose a funny lady known as Priscilla. Despite her love for Elvis and brave fighting, Chunk managed to beat her up and take her money.

Lights go Out Once again they decided not to pay for the light. This time I chose their fate on the lights out table. We shuffled their character sheets and everyone got a different character to play. I’m not sure who ended up with who but I think it was Mark/shackbuilder, Steve/blowfish, Adam/Chunk, Michael/Mario.

At this point we were all really getting tired (It was two in the morning) and things become a little mixed up for me. So I think I will have to sum it up. Steve decided to leave and take a short nap before driving home.

Adam wanted to find an attack pig, so he went to a small pet store called Pete’s Pets. The owner turned out to be white BMW guy. He put up a strong fight with his water +1 water spritzer. The water sprizter kept getting a “6” on the die roll, so I upped it to a +2 water sprizter. Adam didn’t find an attack pig, but he did find a +4 parrot. The parrot added to mind instead of meat for most equipment.

Since he had a +4 parrot he made a bunch of blue crystals and gave them to Mark’s character, who used them to become a captain. The lights went out again and everyone was attacked by killer pigs from underground. All the scummers managed to kill and then eat their pigs, making them stronger.

They decided to go on a quest for Agartha, but in their confused minds Agartha was Hell. They head to defeat the devil to take over Agartha. The lights went out again and I threw all the characters up in the air and let people grab them. Michael ended up having both Chunk and Blowfish. Whoever was the Captain at this point led the way to Agartha, which turned out to be a basement with an elevator. A man in a white coat was met them when they got off the elevator and offered to take them to Agartha.

There was a sign on the door that said “Dr. Agartha.” The scummers pretended to go along with the man, but then in guise of asking for a bathroom took the opportunity to jump him. Despite his valiant efforts, the white coated devil was overpowered, leaving the scummers victorious. They killed and possibly ate him and spent the rest of their days at Bellevue Hospital, looked after by the psychiatrist, Dr. Gupta Agartha.

5 Responses

  1. Oh man, just reading over the character names and talents makes me want to play this game so badly (Shackbuilder; talents: Shackbuilding. Brilliant). Unfortunately I didn’t have the endurance to stay for the midnight Conquest game, but I bought this game shortly after, and am going to try running it with two of my non-gamer friends in the near future. Thanks for the AP report!

  2. That game sounded like so much fun. I’m sorry I missed it — again!

  3. I definitely think this game should be run when people are tired (or possibly drunk. I don’t drink so that’s not an option, but it might work for you)

  4. Re: drunk Urchining.

    Now that I think about it, that’s the one thing that isn’t mentioned at all in the book. I mean, there’s the Blessing, but a game about crazy fantastical homelessness with no rules about alcohol? Anyway, has anyone seen the movie? I’m thinking about getting a netflix subscription just to watch it, since I can’t find it anywhere else.

  5. Mark and I saw the movie. It is very very strange. He is pretty well convinced that they filmed the entire thing without getting permission from New York City.

    I reccomend Netflix not just to see “Urchin.”

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