Game Recap: Urchin

Recap of tonight’s Skype-based game of Urchin. We actually fished trash out of the garbage can to write our character sheets, as prescribed in the rules.

Chicken Bone Man (John R.)
Meat 5, Mind 5

  • See your fortune in the chicken bones (mind)
  • Curse you to the darkest Hell (mind)
  • Make the dead walk de Earth as de zombie (mind)
SCHMUCK (Edmund)
Meat: 6, Mind: 4

  • Mohel
  • Fuck you up in Hebrew
  • Prehensile earlocks
Weird Eye Jim (Manu)
Meat 4, Mind 2

  • math savant
  • psi visions
  • knuckle fighter

Bernie “I Used to be rich!” Madoff (Sophie)
Meat 3, Mind 6

  • Hit you up for all your spare change
  • Hide in plain sight
  • I know him/her
Scene 1: [Kicking a scene.] SCHMUCK needs cash and decides to go mug a Meathead. Weird Eye Jim decides to help and use his psi visions to pick a likely prey just off Wall Street; he gets no luck but a bit of Mind rot. It’s lunch time and the Meatheads are leaving in packs, but one nerdy-looking fellow is alone; Bernie recognizes Roland Forbes. SCHMUCK and Bernie beat Rolland up! (One Meat rot for Bernie). He has only one buck, which SCHMUCK pockets — along with his socks and +1 shoes; Bernie grabs the +2 briefcase with a tuna sandwich in it. SCHMUCK drags Roland in the back of the alley and leaves him in a dumpster where no one will see him.

Scene 2: [Kicking a scene.] Chicken Bone Man goes looking for a gullible soul, promising to tell fortunes — for $2 up front. At last, he finds a mousy-looking woman who is glancing around and comes up to him. She just got fired, asks how much. Chicken Bone Man rolls Mind rot three times in a row, not very convincing. He tries offering a fortune first and asking her to pay what she thinks it’s worth, but she still doesn’t like his patter. He threatens to curse her to never find a job — and fails.

Scene 3: [Grabbing a scene, rolls a 6 — Lucky, lucky, bastard!] Weird Eye Jim finds a couple of bucks that fell from Roland’s pockets when he got stuck in a revolving door. He buys a falafel off a street vendor.

Scene 4: [Kicking a scene.] Bernie examines the briefcase, convinced that there must be some money or something hidden in lining or under the leather. When he finds nothing, he eats the tuna sandwich (returning his Meat to 3) — and discovers something important when he examines the greasy wrapper…

The lights: No one pays, GM rolls a 6 — the King is pissed off, the earth opens, and everyone has to roll Meat or fall into a chasm! Everyone has at least one success SCHMUCK suffers 3 Meat rot, Chicken Bone Man 2 rot, and Weird Eye Jim 3 rot, and Bernie 1 rot.

Scene 5: [Kicking a scene.] SCHMUCK heads for a Jewish deli to beg for lox and bagels from the owner, Hannah. Bernie and Chicken Bone Man help; Hannah gives them four rock-hard day-old bagels. SCHMUCK snags one and Bernie the rest; harsh negotiations ensue. Bernie grudgingly agrees to trade one bagel each to SCHMUCK and Chicken Bone Man in exchange for favours to be named later; Weird Eye Jim refuses the offer to buy a bagel, preferring to try his own luck later. SCHMUCK eats his two bagels and Chicken Bone Man his one, regaining some Meat.

Scene 6: [Kicking a scene.] Chicken Bone Man convinces Weird Eye Jim to come with him in the depths of Scum City to look for the ingredients to make Blessing. Weird Eye Jim does well, but Chicken Bone Man finds huge city rats staring at him. He manages to kill and eat them! He generously shares with Weird Eye Jim (both get a point of Meat back.)

Scene 7: [Kicking a scene.] Weird Eye Jim uses the ingredients he found and makes some Blessing. Both Weird Eye Jim and Chicken Bone Man gets some Mind points back, but CBM also loses 1 more Mind rot.

Scene 8: [Kicking a scene.] Bernie is convinced that, under the grease spots and mayo smears, the sandwich wrapper is a map to Agartha. He decides to parlay it into a big confidence scheme to get Blessing from Sister Mary Crazy and boost his Mind so he can lead everyone on a quest for Agartha. SCHMUCK and Chicken Bone Man decide to tag along. Sister Mary Crazy is in her cardboard box in the subway tunnels, peddling Blessing. Bernie tries to convince to trade the last stale bagel for 2 Blessings; SCHMUCK and CBM help and get one portion of Blessing each. Pushing his luck, Bernie badgers Sister Mary Crazy for more and gets three more portions of Blessing — enough to take him to Agartha! (Mind 10)

The Lights: Only Weird Eye Jim has any money left. Bernie tries to convince him to pay to keep the lights on, but the cheapskate is hoping to get zombies! GM rolls a 1. The hoboes are heading through the tunnels, searching for Agartha, and come upon giant rats. SCHMUCK takes the first one on! He beats him up and, down to one Meat point, eats him!

Chicken Bone Man is next, tries to curse the rat and fails. The rat devours him! Weird Eye Jim now faces a healthy rat and the wounded rat who killed Chicken Bone Man. Weird Eye Jim is also killed on the spot! Bernie manages to evade three rats and lose them in the tunnels, but nearly loses his mind in the process (down to 3 Mind).

[John and Manu make new characters.]

One Eye Jack (John R.)
Meat: 3, Mind: 5

  • Three Card Monty
  • Good with a shiv
  • Picks pockets for change

Fox Nose Fred (Manu)
Meat 4, Mind 3

  • Animal olfaction
  • Kung Fu fighter
  • Magic Staff of Ancient Chinese Secrets

Scene 9:
[Kicking a scene.] SCHMUCK goes looking for Meatheads to beat up for money. He find Buck Norris, a big guy, and is unable to beat him. But One Eye Jack and Fox Nose Fred see Norris beating up SCHMUCK and decide to attack the big guy for beating a “poor homeless guy”. They take his money.

Scene 10: [Kicking a scene.] One Eye Jack goes back to the three-card monty game he had set up and scams the passers-by. Some guy named Raul decides to take him up on it and OEJ makes some money off him.

Scene 11: [Grabbing a scene.] Fox Nose Fred would like to find the poor homeless Jewish guy who was getting beaten up, but he’s nowhere in sight. A nice lady stops by and asks if he’s OK; he looks hungry and offers him some food. A bowl of noodles gives FNF some Meat back!

Scene 12: [Kicking a scene.] Bernie and SCHMUCK push on to look for Agartha (roll a 4 o9n the Agartha quest table). They decide that Agartha will be found outside the City and they need a boat. Bernie decides he must steal a water taxi. He approaches Waldo, the purser, and tries to con him into letting everyone on board — Mind down to 2! But SCHMUCK guilts Waldo into showing some respect to Mr. Madoff and everyone is allowed on board.

The Lights: SCHMUCK pays to keep the lights on.


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  1. Man, every time I read about this game I want to play. I have the shiny rulebook sitting right over there…

    I went so far as to go out and buy a bunch of d6’s right after I read the rules.

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