Game recap: Star Trek – Characters

At our Monday night Skype session, Mark has been running a Star Trek game set in the days of the original series, using the PDQ# system. Edit: Character creation rules are here.

The premise: the crew of the USS Resolute is the second-wave team, charged with establishing diplomatic relations and trade with suitable worlds that were recently visited by the Constitution-class ships like the USS Enterprise and the USS Hood.

We’ve had a grand old time; here’s the profile of the characters and the summary of the first couple of episodes.


Captain Benjamin Stone

(Played by Edmund.)

Foible: Prime Directive; Stern and dour
Motivation: To serve and protect the Federation [+2]
Past: Iron Discipline [+2]
Starship Forte: Starfleet Captain [+6]
Other Fortes: Intelligence Operations [+2], Section 31 [+2]


  • Situation (unchained): When it’s all gone to hell. When the situation is desperate, and disaster looms, Captain Stone can summon up reserves of strength.
  • Location (chained Starfleet Captain): The Command Deck. Stone has been walking bridges and command decks almost since the moment he graduated from the Academy.
  • Maneuver (chained Starfleet Captain): What are they thinking? Stone can get inside his opponent’s head and figure out his next move.

Service Record

  • 2232: Born, San Francisco, California
  • 2248: Enrolled, Star Fleet Academy
  • 2252: Cadet Assignment. Intelligence analyst, Klingon Sector Intelligence, Starbase 23. Passed with high honors, promoted to Lt., jg
  • 2253: Starfleed Academy Intelligence Branch School, focus on Field Operations
  • 2254: Assigned as First Officer U.S.S. Masada, a Ptolemy class Fleet tug fleet tug modified for Intelligence work.
  • 2257: Promoted to Lt., assigned command of U.S.S. Masada
  • 2259: Assigned Intelligence liason, Star Fleet Marine Command. Served with 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Division as part of a Starfleet service cross-training program.
  • 2260: Assigned chief of security U.S.S. Farragut. Promoted to Lt. Commander.
  • 2263: Advanced Command Course, Star Fleet Academy
  • 2264: Assigned as Executive Officer, U.S.S. Hermes. Promoted to Commander
  • 2267: U.S.S. Hermes dispatched on Operation Dixie. Succeeded to command when Captain killed. Operation Dixie was a deep surveillance operation undertaken by Starfleet Intelligence to gauge and analyze Klingon starship construction capabilities. The Hermes was to act as a tender for several smaller Intelligence vessels operating deep within Klingon space. The operation was considered a failure, with all the small vessels lost, and the Hermes badly damaged deep in Klingon space. It took over a year for the Hermes to make it back to the Federation, and she was so badly damaged that the navigator is quoted as saying that the solar wind was actually a factor in course calculations. The official report exonerated all officers of wrongdoing – improvements in Klingon sensor technology were listed as the official cause of operational failure.
  • 2268: After over one year in Klingon space, succeeded in returning U.S.S. Hermes to Starbase 23. Assigned to Administrative Services, Operating Forces Division, Starbase 23 while on medical disability. Promoted to Captain. Stone had both legs sheared off during an explosive decompression aboard the Hermes. It took about a year to grow him a new pair, and he still walks with a bit of a limp.
  • 2269: Assigned Captain U.S.S. Resolute

Benjamin Stone is a career officer in the Intelligence arm of Starfleet. He has served with distinction in a variety of positions, but has spent the largest part of his career working his way up the chain of command in Fleet Intelligence. He is best known for his command of the U.S.S. Hermes, a fleet scout, during the disastrous Operation Dixie.

After the captain of the Hermes was killed, Stone took over command, retaining it even after losing both legs a short time later. He became legendary among the crew for his iron discipline and unflagging devotion. (A widely circulated rumor holds that the only reason that the Hermes did not lose its warp engine was that Stone ordered it to stay attached to the pylon and then stared it down until it complied.)

Those who have served under Stone all agree that he runs a tight ship, but very few will admit to loving him. He is a strong believer in testing the limits of both the equipment and the crew, and neither officers nor enlisted personnel can expect much free time while the ship is under way. On the bright side (if this is a bright side) he is a strong believer in continuing education and cross training for both enlisted personnel and officers, and often takes a personal interest in the well-being and career advancement of those under his command.

Personally, he is rather Spartan in his tastes. His quarters are practically devoid of keepsakes or memorabilia, and he has few, if any, known vices save perhaps for a strong sense of perfectionism. He is known to have a strong preference for appropriate decorum aboard.

Lt. Commander K’hepri

(Played by Manu.)

Name: K’hepri of Clan Rr’Vellan of Cait
Race: Caitian
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position on Ship: Second Officer, Chief of Operations


  • Prime Directive
  • Hot Headed


  • See the galaxy (Motivation) Good [+2]
  • Troubled youth (Past) Good [+2]
  • Starship Operations (Starship) Expert [+4]
  • Caitian Combat Expert [+4]
  • Sharp Senses Good [+2]


  • Knows how to make the ship do things it wasn’t designed to do (Location/Situation, Starship Operations, 1 point)
  • Gets into places he shouldn’t be (Maneuver, Troubled Youth, 2 points)
  • Deadly with fang & claw (Weapon/Foe, Caitian Combat, 2 points)


K’hepri was born in a small rural village on the planet Cait in 2239, not long after his world joined the Federation. K’hepri’s father was a local elected official, very conservative and vocal in advocating against joining the Federation. During K’hepri’s youth, his father would make a bit of a fool of himself by repeatedly trying to convince senior government officials to secede.

K’hepri rebelled against his father’s xenophobic ways and at age 16, the edge of adulthood for his species, found himself kicked out of his father’s house. Penniless, restless, and angry, K’hepri soon fell into a bad crowd and spent a lot of time in and out of jail for petty crimes. One day, while scrounging around for a bit to eat, he happened upon a Starfleet recruiter’s office and his life changed forever.

Initially joining because of the promise of a place to stay and something to eat, it was soon discovered that he had a keen mind for starship operations, and won a sponsorship off of his planet’s basic training facility to the prestigious Starfleet Academy on Earth.

Service History

  • 2257 – Enlisted in Caitian Starfleet training center
  • 2258 – Accepted into Officer Candidate School, Jaglan Beta campus
  • 2259 – Won appointment to Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth
  • 2261 – Graduated fourth in class, Assigned to USS Endeavour as a Midshipman Communications Officer
  • 2263 – Promoted to Lieutenant (JG), reassigned to Utopia Planitia Station as Assistant Chief Traffic

Dr. Elizabeth Warden

(Played by Laura.)

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Chief Medical Officer


  • Prime Directive (Doctor Warden really believes in the concept of not interfering with other cultures before they are ready to join the Federation. Besides medicine she also has an interest in both xenobiology and anthropology)
  • Pacifism (The belief that doctors should do no harm is strong for Warden. She would find it very hard to kill another living being even in her own defense)


Motivation: Good (+2) To learn about other lifeforms. — Other cultures and people fascinate her. She wants to find out as much as possible about the universe and the lifeforms in it.

Past: Expert (+4) Shapechange ability. — Due to her nature, Warden is able to become different lifeforms and take on their characteristics.

Starfleet: Expert (+4) Medical Expertise — Although she did not actually go through medical school, Warden has the knowledge and skills of a well-trained medical officer.

Other: Good (+2) Alternate Cat Form — Warden currently has one alternate form. It has the Forte: Enhanced Senses Good (+2) (Mark said this would work sort of like a minion who would give it one forte of its own)*

Good (+2) Emergency Healing — Because of her nature Warden can send part of herself into another lifeform and give them sped up healing, including the re-growth of a limb. This is something she only does if unable to use the sickbay.


  • Location: Sickbay (Medical Expertise) – 1pt
  • Great Agility (Alternate Cat Form) – 2 pts
  • Claw Fighting (Alternate Cat Form) – 2pts

Background: Doctor Elizabeth Warden was on leave from the USS Victory when she decided to visit her brother who is assigned to Starbase 11003, which is on the edge of known Federation space. Her one-person ship was hit be a meteor and she crashed on an unexplored planet. The native “life-forms” consisted of tiny nanobots, robots which are able to incorporate organic parts. A colony of these bots tried to heal Elizabeth, but she was too badly wounded. They colony realized that they could re-build the human and gain most of her memories and all of her skills. They did so and decided to see if they could join the Federation on behalf of their race.

A rescue ship had been dispatched and after a bit of misunderstanding the new version of Doctor Warden was able to explain what had happened and request that the Planet be considered to join the Federation. It took a lot of doing and time, but it happened at last.

Dr. Warden is the only colony to have taken on human form and she is aboard the Resolute as an experiment. The Captain might know her true nature, but the rest of the crew does not.

*Note that in cat form instead of pacifism; Warden has bloodthirsty as she takes on the characteristics of the lifeform she duplicates. She will not hurt friends, but she is a fierce fighter in cat form.

Style Dice: 1

Lt. (JG) Zephram Curry

(Played by John R.)

Rank: Lieutenant, junior grade
Position: Head of Ship’s Security


  • Prime Directive
  • Shoots first, asks questions later.

Motivation Forte: Honor my father’s memory, Good [+2]
Past Forte: Survivor of the USS Republic, Good [+2]
Starship Forte: Phaser Marksman, [+4]
Additional Fortes:

  • Security Operations, Good [+2]
  • Federation Unified Martial Arts, Good [+2]
  • Zero-Gee Lacrosse, Good [+2]


  • Maneuver: Zero-G Maneuvering [Unchained]
  • Weapon: Phaser Rifle [Phaser Marksman]
  • Idiom: Deadeye [Phaser Marksman]

Style Dice: 1

Adriana Kotsopoulos

(Played by Sophie.)

Gazillionaire and Defense Contractor


  • Prime Directive
    (Stupid federation rules getting in the way of progress and ingenuity!)
  • “What’s best for Adriana Kotsopoulos is best for the Federation”
    (Sometimes narrow, self-centered world view; stubbornness; lack of empathy.)


Motivation: Good [+2] Turn a profit where no man has profited before
(Based on challenge and ambition to accomplish something no one else has, more than on greed.)

Past: Good [+2] Businesswoman
(Trading, dealing, finding compromise, citing useful laws and regulations, leveraging wealth and power, finding the angle, making contacts, using information, making a profit.)

Starfleet: Excellent [+4] Defense Contractor
(Responsible for the recent refit of the USS Resolute, knows the technology very well including experimental aspects; employees in many ports; knows the workings of Starfleet.)

Excellent [+4] Cloak-and-dagger
(Industrial espionage, discovering and keeping secrets, noticing details, using ciphers, hiding things, sneaking about, keeping a straight face when lying, knows where the bodies are buried.)

Good [+2] Dirty fighting
(Knee to the groin, throw a glass of Saurian brandy in your eyes, stab you with a fork.)


Idiom: “I built this technology, young man!” (Defense Contractor) — 1 pt
(Showing off, ordering people around, lecturing, dropping names)

Location: USS Resolute’s fiddly bits (engine room, transporter, bridge, etc.) (Defense Contractor) — 1 pt
(Doesn’t apply to a cabin, or the mess, or cargo bay, etc., unless specifically working on a ship system such as life support)

Maneuver: Friends in judicious places (Defense Contractor) — 1 pt
(Well connected in Starfleet, with other defense contractors, and in certain circles like the Federation Science Council.)

Weapon: Concealed weaponry (Dirty fighting) — 2 pts
(Blades, miniature phasers, ornate jewelry, sash-as-garrote, rings)

Style Points: 1

Next post: Episode 1!

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