Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies

s7s logoSince we’re on a PDQ# (PDQ Sharp) roll, I’ll keep going. We have had many fans of the PDQ-based groups at the Emerald City Game Feast open games. We’ve played The Zorcerer of Zo, Truth & Justice, and many home-brews based on the system. We’ve also playtested early versions of the most recent PDQ-based release from author Chad Underkoffler, Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies (S7S). (Several of us are listed as playtesters in the credits. 🙂 )

S7S is a joint production of Atomic Sock Monkey Press (Chad Underkoffler’s publishing company) and Evil Hat Productions (well known for releases like Spirit of the Century and Don’t Rest Your Head).

The setting is a swashbuckling fantasy (like you couldn’t tell from the name!) set in an impossible world of airships, musketeers, and pirates. Instead of being set in a pseudo-Europe like another of my favourite systems, Seventh Sea, it is set on a collection of sky-islands that borrow and remix traits from many cultures. To get a glimpse of the setting, you can follow the many links I posted below for samples and free downloads of the fiction and art, and of course the freely available core rules.

These rules are an update and embellishment over the core PDQ rules which were also available free from ASMP, now re-released as PDQ# for a more swashbuckling feel and somewhat more structured character creation. We playtested the hell out of those rules and I’m happy to report that Chad took his playtesters’ feedback seriously. If you sat on some of those games, you will find the final version very transformed.

The pre-orders recently opened for a limited run hardcover version of the book that also comes with a free PDF of the game. I understand they are fast approaching selling out.

The book is receiving, according to its godfather Fred Hicks of Evil Hat Productions, “the Spirit of the Century treatment”: like SotC: a limited hardcover print run followed by a less expensive softcover definitive version. The final version you will find later in friendly local gaming stores will be the softcover.

I have already pre-ordered my own copy of the hardback because it looks so lovely (and the SotC hardbacks were great). I have received the PDF already and it’s a really lovely book. Unlike previous PDQ-based books from ASMP, this one really puts the setting forward as the centrepiece. But like the other PDQ games, it contains a wealth of game-mastering advice for the genre it explores, how to mimic the flavour and tropes in your own game, and a nice list of sources of inspiration.

Links of interest:


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