Toon City Vice: Arms Deals

I ran another game of Toon City Vice, a game based on the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” but set in apdos Angeles of the late 60s where Toon Town has grown into Toon City.

Here’s my introduction:

It’s January 1969, 20 years after Eddie Valiant solved the murder of Marvin Acme. The Soviet Union just launched Venera 5 and Venera 6 toward Venus.  Superbowl III is coming up. Nixon will be sworn in as President in a few months.

Toon City celebrated the New Year with a huge party. With the arrest of Tinkerbell last August, the Dust problem has almost disappeared. The Vice crew freed the other fairies, who then agreed to track down the Dust and dispose of it properly. So any flying done on New Years was by someone’s own power or just in their heads.

Unfortunately with the New Year, a new crises has arrived. Someone in Toon City is selling a new more advanced gun based on the Acme Disintegration Pistol.

The characters were:

  • Wile E Coyote played by John Reiher
  • Sasha the Hamms Bear played by Rolfe Bergstorm
  • Caspar the Friendly Ghost played by Sarah Bergstorm

Report on the Arms Deal incident by Deputy Baba Looey, assistant to Sherriff (Captain) Quickdraw McGraw. (Translated from Spanish)

We called in our Acme consultant, Mr. Coyote, to take a look at one of these new fangled pistols. He said that it was very advanced and asked if it would be possible to have the use of the evidence to assist in the case. I signed it out to him with the understanding that it would be returned once the case was resolved. It was returned, along with an entire warehouse full of the product.

After the trial of the alien known as Commander X-23, the pistols were remanded to Acme Inc., as they mostly consisted of Acme parts.

Informant Sylvester Pussycat Jr.

Informant Sylvester Pussycat Jr.

The Vice Squad members, Caspar T. Ghost and Sasha Hamms, were then allowed to interrogate the Toon minor, Sylvester Pussycat Jr. He had been arrested in the process of attempting to disintegrate Tweety. He agreed to give us information in return for not being prosecuted. Sylvester Jr. admitted that he had bought the pistol from a man known as Reducto.(See Case File 65437 on Reducto and his plots against Toon City.) Reducto had set up shop at a dive bar on the East Side known as Mutley’s.

Caspar, Sasha, and Wile headed for Mutley’s, disguised as hobos. Even though Mr. Coyote looked like something out of a Charlie Chaplin movie, Reducto was taken in by their disguises. He first offered a job to Sasha, as a test subject, but when Caspar offered to help him make money in his deal with Commander X-23, he told them to meet him at a warehouse at 2:00am.


Suspect Reducto

Mr. Coyote planned a trap for the Commander and Reducto. It had something to do with a rope, pulleys, and a cage. The Vice Squad members and he headed for the warehouse in the afternoon to set things up. Caspar, who is very good at observing, found a suspicious character sneaking around the warehouse. It turned out to be his Uncle, one Stretch Ghost. Stretch scared both Wile and Sasha so that they ran away, Sasha doing a lot of damage to the walls of the warehouse. Fortunately they were able to get their courage back and with a lot of effort, they were able to use an Acme Ghost Net to capture Stretch. Caspar called the Ghost Squad and Stretch was placed in the Ghost Tank for 48 hours.

While they were waiting for the suspects to arrive, Wile decided that he needed to disguise both the holes made by Sasha when running away and the cage, which was pretty obvious hanging from the warehouse ceiling. He brought out some paint and an Acme paintbrush, but something went wrong, as it often seems to with our good Mr. Coyote. The back wall ended up looking like a sunny beach scene and the cage was painted as outer space. I’ve never been sure whether it’s something Acme puts in the paint, of just the physics of Toon Town, but it really seemed to bring a piece of both a beach and out space to the warehouse. Sasha was even able to tie the other end of the rope to a sailboat.

Reducto came in through the door, with a set of blueprints and for some reason asked Wile for assistance. Wile looked at the plans for a large shrinking machine and made suggestions, which kept the suspect busy for a few minutes. Meanwhile, Commander X-23 landed on top of the warehouse in his flying saucer and used his transporter tube to appear directly below the cage. Before he could react to all the strange goings-on in the warehouse, Caspar pulled the rope and the cage dropped. Caspar entered the cage, which was dark because of the tarp put around it. Caspar asked the suspect to be his friend and then fled when Commander X-23 refused.

Commader X-23

Commander X-23

The Commander threw a jar outside the cage and added some Hamms beer, supplied by Sasha. Five “instant Martians” were reconstituted. Wile used his Acme re-integrator, not sure what the result would be and managed to combine all five instant Martians into one big Martian. This actually seemed to help the team as Sasha after being shrunk by Reducto and then managing to regain his normal size was able to overpower the giant Martian.

Wile got the shrink ray away from Reducto and managed to shrink Commander X-23s armor, rendering him immobile. Caspar had already called for back-up, which arrived in a timely manner. The suspects were apprehended along with the stolen Acme technology.

Mayor Leghorn was quite pleased with the resolution and invited Officers Caspar and Sasha and Mr. Coyote out for lunch.


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