Thursday Night Urchin Recap

I ran Urchin at the Wayward this Thursday for Rolf, Sarah, and John. It was a lot of fun as usual.


Coca Cola Kid (John’s 1st Character)


  • Schmoozing
  • Bottle Fighter
  • Soda Jerk

Milo Farnsworth (John’s 2nd Character)


  • I invented television
  • Static electric touch
  • No-one notices me

Veggie (As played by Sarah)


  • Blind Fighter
  • Puppy-dog eyes
  • High School Talent Show

Fingers (Rolf’s 1st character)


  • Crawl into places no-one should fit into.
  • Chew through things people should never put in their mouth.
  • Nyarlathotep’s Love child

Captain Greenwood (Rolf’s 2nd character)


  • Shoe-shining
  • Pocket full of centipedes
  • Defenestration

Scene 1

Fingers andVeggie decided to work together. They went on a quest to find tin foil to keep the starfish from reading Fingers’ mind. Veggie declared that the best place to find tinfoil was in the dumpsters at a nearby high school. The two scummers set off for Herbert West High School. They jumped into one of the dumpsters, but unfortunately they only thing they found was empty pudding cups and banana peels. Janitor Arnold Fuller spotted them and managed to drive both of them away, pretty much empty-handed.

Scene 2

The Coca Cola Kid got his name from an obsession with Coke in all of it’s forms (except New Coke, he hates that stuff). He decided to stake out a coke machine in order to wait one of the employees to come fill it. He laid in wait for Freddy Meadows, the Coca Cola delivery guy. Freddy wasn’t much on brains and the Kid was able to steal a case of coke and some loose change without too much trouble.

The Lights

Since John was the only one with any money, he paid for the lights.

Scene 3

Since the High School hadn’t worked out, Veggie and Fingers headed for the Burger Hut, still on the quest for tinfoil. They went in the middle of the night when there were just two people manning the drive-through window. Fingers went back andbit through the lock on the dumpsters. He went diving for tinfoil, but found trouble in the form of two angry rats. Meanwhile Veggie pretended to have a gun in her pocket and demanded money from the dive-through crew. They didn’t believe that she had a gun, but finally she wore them down enough that they gave her some money and food so she would go away. She headed for the dumpsters and was just in time to see Fingers being attacked by rats. She whacked the rats with her baton and killed them. Fingers had decided that the rats were messengers from his father, so he was a little upset about Veggie killing them. Veggie ate on of the rats, but Fingers held onto the other one, hoping it would still be able to give him a message.

Scene 4

John couldn’t think of what he wanted to do, so he grabbed a scene on the scene-grabbing table. He rolled a 2 and got jumped by a large skin-head with a +2 baseball bat. The Kid was pretty tough so he was able to beat up Luther Morrison, take his bat, and a bit of pocket change. Unfortunately, he also went into the gutter, his meat having gone down to zero.

The Lights Go Out

John decided to buy food instead of pay for the lights, so the lights went out. A five was rolled, which meant zombie plague. Everyone’s meat went down by 1. If someone had gone into the gutter because of this, they woudl have become a zombie, but they were still too tough for that so nothing else happened.

Scene 5

Fingers wasn’t feeling too well. He still had his rat from the dumpster, but he didn’t want to eat the messenger. He decided to sneak into the Bronx Aquarium. He found his way into a ventilation shaft and made it inside without the security guard, Larry Pierce, noticing. He had some trouble biting on a starfish in the petting tank, and then he was noticed by Larry. He managed to fight Larry and knock him out, but he had rotted his mind in the process of trying to get the starfish off the rock. He ended rolling “voices” on the madness table, but also got a +2 flash light and Larry Pierce’s name-tag.

Scene 6

Veggie managed to earn both a little money putting on a show for the meat-heads, and on the way home she found the Kid in the gutter. She picked him up and brought him back down to Scum City, planning to find some food to help him feel better.

The Lights

Since Veggie had some money, she went ahead and paid for the lights.

Scene 7

Fingers was now hearing voices and if he did what they said he could gain one mind. The voices, as played by Sarah, told him that he had to get a sharp shiny weapon. Fingers decided that they wanted him to find some golf cleats so he headed to the Shady Acres Golf Course. It was early in the morning and the only golfer was an older gentleman named Galen Fox. Fingers attacked him with his flashlight, but was defeated by the elderly gentleman. Mr. Fox was about to call an ambulance when Veggie, who was cutting through the golf course on the way to somewhere else, saw Fingers predicament and intervened. She used her special talents to convince Mr. Fox that she was a sane friend of Fingers and he allowed her to take the scummer with her.

Scene 8

I can’t remember what the Coca Cola Kid did during his turn, but I believe he did get some money.

The Lights

I think the Kid paid for the Lights.

Scene 9

Rolf deciced to grab a scene. He rolled a 5 so he got a job offer. A scummer named Joe asked Fingers to get back his “thing” from Big Moe. Fingers was able to use his powerful mind to convince Big Moe that he should hold onto Joe’s thing because it would open a portal to the evil starfish. Joes’ thing turned out to be a purple vacuum cleaner which was duct-taped to a small Magnavox black and white tv, with a sparkler on top. Fingers decided that he needed to keep the thing because it was so cool and useful. The voices played by John had told him to find a home for the dead rat, which was where the voices were coming from. Fingers took the batteries out of his +2 flashlight and stuffed the rat into it, thus gaining a point of mind.

Scene 10

I forgot to mention that at some point during a previous scene Veggie had rotted her brain down to zero. She gained an addiction to blue crystals. She and The Coca Cola Kid teamed up to find some stuff to make the blue and then to make it. Veggie found the mushrooms and stuff, but she was also attacked by a baby crocodile. She managed to kill it and then eat it. The Kid made one blue crystal and generously gave it to Veggie since she needed it.

The Lights Go Out

I believe this was the point where I rolled Invasion from below on the lights out chart. The party was attacked by Giant Rats. Two people went into the gutter, but were then brought back to health by being fed giant rats when the Kid defeated them.

Scene 11

The Voices as played by Sarah now told Fingers that he had to find a vehicle. He decided to go after the first vehicle he could find. It turned out to be a recycling truck driven by herb and Victor. Fingers snuck up on Herb and took him out with the flashlight.

Scene 12

John decided that he wanted to got to the Coke Bottling Plant and I think Veggie agreed to drive the recycling truck there. They found two employees; Tina Bright and Jamie Griffin. I believe this was where The Coca Cola Kid’s mind got down to one and he ended up with the “rampage” madness. He had to kill someone or lose meat each turn. They did manage to defeat the employees and grab a number of cases of coca cola, so everyone was able to up their meat a bit.

The Lights Go Out

No-one had any money so we rolled on the lights out table and got madness in the dark. I took everyone’s character sheet, mixed them up, and handed them back randomly. Rolf became the Coca Cola Kid, John became Veggie, and Sarah became Fingers. They kept their meat and mind, but traded everything else.

Scene 13

The new Coca Cola Kid decided to go and kill someone in a place where he could use his soda jerk powers.
Since the other tow were in the recycling truck which he was now driving, they went with him. He managed to run over two customers at the 50s Soda Fountain, and then challenged Frieda Hayden, the employee to a duel. He beat her pretty easily and ten drank straight out of the fountain to increase his meat.

Someone called the police and Fingers found herself hiding from the police. She used her fit into places no-one should go to hide from them. The Coca Cola Kid made a run for it, but got beat down into the gutter.

Veggie used his acting talents to convince the police that he was an innocent victim and then picked the policeman’s pocket.

The Lights

I think Veggie paid for the lights.

Scene 14

The Kid went looking for victims in the subway. He talked to Richard Lopez, a man with a briefcase, and Lucille Murray, a waitress at Pete’s Pizza Parlor. Richard rolled high and got as far away as he could. Lucille also resisted the Kid’s charms, but he still managed to push her onto the tracks, wait until she was run over by a subway train, and jump down to steal her money and her nametag. Fingers was collecting nametags, so the Kid gave her Lucille’s as well.

Scene 15

I think Fingers was told to do something by the voices, but ignored them and went looking for the stuff to make blue crystal instead. She failed and had to fight off some killer pigeons, but managed to kill them and then eat them to get more meat.

Scene 16

Veggie shook down another scummer named Feathers’ Flo and managed to get the lady to lend him her feather boa. He then went out and earned some money.

This is getting really long so I will summarize the rest.

The lights went out again and the king was angry. There was a huge earthquake, but nobody fell into the chasm. Both The Kid and Veggie got killed so John and Rolf made new characters. There was a raid on a drugstore, a hot dog stand, and then they got enough blue crystal to make Rolf’s new character Greenwood a Captain. He decided that the way to find Agartha was to get out of town. They begged enough money for Greyhound Tickets to New Jersey and then hijacked the bus by throwing the driver out the window. They drove off into the sunset towards Agartha.

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