Roleplaying as art – a collaborative project

I have been thinking a lot about art lately – doing photography, participating in an online art group, reading books on the subject, doodling – all that sort of thing.  I suppose that it was inevitable that sooner or later I would start thinking about the relevance of creativity and expression in the art form of roleplaying.

An interesting sort of project I have tried with other art forms is the collaboration, a work created by several individuals who all contribute to the completion of the project.  As gamers, we are all familiar with this sort of creative work in the form of campaigns that are created collaboratively, or via round-robin GMing.

I thought it might be interesting to tackle the design of a long-term campaign as a collaboration, but to do it in a slightly different light – as an art project, a n exercise in creativity, rather than as something that was being designed to throw in front of players at some point as “my new campaign!  Wanna play?  Pleeease?”

So I wrote up my ideas, made a few creative decisions, and set up a web page for it here on the ECG website.  As the project progresses (and I hope it will) I will be posting here with updates.

I would like to get as much input as possible on all steps of the process.  Mostly I am going to be setting up polls at important branching points for the project, but I would also welcome inputs in the form of comments, recommendations, suggestions, etc.

I have set up the webpage for the collaborative project here. Please check it out and follow the links to the first poll!

I look forward to seeing how this pans out!

– Edmund

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