Savage Lorax: The War Between Here and There (or There and Here)

The Lorax

The Lorax

A verse by Cara Pace (Displaced Yertle)


We were out pluffing the Truffla Treses

When there came what sounded a lot like a sneeze.

The Lorax appeared and gave us a new task,

we decided to do it, he didn’t have to ask

twice.  He brokered a deal between Here and There,

or There and Here, we really don’t care.

The daughter of the Earl would marry

the son of the Duke and all would be merry.

Sadly someone in There or someone in Here

decided the two shouldn’t be near.

The bride and groom were both kidnapped by persons unknown.

No one knows who took them, not even King Bartholomew

from his new throne.

The Lorax told us to find the culprits within six days,

to find them and make sure that the right someone pays.

We headed right away for Here (or was it There)

in my newly wingedMoseymottiller. 

( I wish that the Onceler had fiddled with some other vehiculer


We were loaded for cat (of the in Hat variety)

and ready for action.

We spoke with some flunky who looked at each of

us as if we were a monkey;

except for Mrs. Muncler, who was once a dancer to the King

of some far-off place.  The fellow took us to a Major,

who decided to allow us to “stick it to” the people of There.

But first we went to the young lady’s tree house.

By peeping around we found a note signed by General Khan,

a potentate of There and also a part of a Yertle’s Bamoulsu Bonker.

We were sure that the girl to the Khan had gone,

in the hands of Yertle’s who look exactally like tutrles.

The others asked me where to go to find a Yertle,

I thought for a moment of a place for a turtle.

The watering hole was known as the Rotting Log.

I’d call it more of a bog.Yertle

Suncler the Oncler played a great trick,

he made a bug look like a Yertle who was very slick.

The two of us entered the Log and drank some good grog.

The barkeep was suspicous so we asked him where to

find some good mercenaries.  He took some persaudin,

but pointed out a Yertle of shady looks,

who was looking at us like we were dirty books.

We tried to talk, but he wanted to fight.

I bonked him with my bonker with all of my might.

He almost fell down, but managed to stand.

In rushed the rest of our merry band.

It wasn’t a long fight, and with a lot of whining,

the Yertle told us we were over our heads

and would soon be dead. 

He was contacted by General Khan

asked to find some really strong

Yertles to kindnap the girl and bring here away.

We decided that we would not stay

in Here, but go to There.

So off we flew across the great pond.



One Response

  1. These words are very true,
    We did well, our motley crew.
    Of particular pride,
    I say not to be snide,
    Was the Yertle shell I fashioned,
    From cardboard and paper stanchions.
    A work of art it was,
    Till that Tweedle Beetle gave cause,
    For the Yertles to fight.
    But then he gave them a great fright,
    When he removed the false head,
    Causing them to run instead.
    But now over the see we fly,
    While I fix the wings on the sly.
    Wings made from Truffla leaves and branches
    Now getting old and none of the parts matches.
    I’m afraid into the drink we go,
    But that’s for next time, doncha know?

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