Kobold Quarterly Adopt-a-Soldier holiday contest

The folks at Kobold Quarterly magazine are running a contest through the end of December to promote their Adopt-a-Soldier gift subscription program. Civilians and military personnel are invited to enter the contest by signing up for the program, signing someone else up for the program, and/or blogging and Twittering about the contest.

Runners-up in the contest receive a “Small but Fierce” logo pack with a postcard and sticker featuring the Adopt-A-Soldier logo. The Grand Prize winners — one soldier and one civilian — receive:

  • 3 dice sets by Q-Workshop
  • A signed copy of Soldiers of Fortune: War and Military Adventure in a Fantasy World, due out in March 2010
  • The Kobold’s Guide to Game Design Volumes I and II
  • Patronage in an Open Design project of the winner’s choice (or an upgrade to an existing patronage)
  • A profile and a hearty “thank you” in the next issue of Kobold Quarterly

The Kobolds tell us that the contest has resulted in a lot of new sponsors signing up, so if you have friends in the military, tell ’em to visit KQadoptasoldier.com and register for a free gift subscription. (And tell them to drop your name when they sign up: there is apparently a secret prize for whoever gets the most new program members enrolled!)


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