The Trouble with Santa Part 1

The Playful Watch: The Trouble with Santa

Part 1

Seargant Philbin Detmar gathered together some new recruits to find out why no toys were delivered on Christmas Eve.  The Zorceror had sent two messengers to the North Pole, but neither one had returned. It was their duty to go to the North Pole and find out what was wrong with Santa.


Herbert Hoover played by John (Sophie’s old character, a vacuum cleaner)


Blows like a hurricane +6

I got an attachment for that +2

Plays Top 40 disco music +2

Neat Freak -2

Stegobot/Clark Kentrosaurus played by Rolfe (A knock-off transformer stegosaurus/robot)


Robo Armor +2

Sucker Punch +4

Laser Blaster +4

Master of Disguise -2

EL Tigre played by Erik (A small plush tiger)


Mighty Roar +4

Plush +2

Tiger +4

Luchidor Personality -2

Thrasher played by Sarah (A daredevil Truck with a sidekick whose head was on fire)


(I don’t have Sarah’s character sheet so I don’t know the numbers)




Sidekick whose head is on fire -2

They set out in a hot air balloon piloted by Bob. It was the only transportation that allowed them bring Thrasher’s  sidekick.  The trip was uneventful.   When they reached the North Pole Bob told them there was a large wall surrounding Santa’s place and that he couldn’t fly over it due to high wind currents.  They would have walk about a mile.  They also saw two other hot balloons tied up nearby.  They had to belong to the previous messengers.

On their mile long hike, they spotted something strange; penguins at the North Pole.  They turned out to be wind-up penguins who wanted directions to the South Pole.  They said they had escaped from Santa’s workshop since no one had come on Christmas Eve to take them anywhere.  They also said the other toys were too timid to escape. I believe it was Thrasher who suggested they go wait with Bob at the hot air balloon as the South Pole wouldn’t be to their liking.  This was probably true since they had a lot of trouble winding each other up since they just had wings.

Shortly after sending the penguins on their way, they reached some large gates which were guarded by two real polar bears.  They said that one cold enter.  El Tigre decided  intimidate them with his mighty roar. I had given everyone some cards from the “Once Upon A Time” card game and I said they could use them in the story.  Sarah decided to help Erik out with a card, I think about a message.  Erik rolled well and with the help of the card the guards let them go through.  One of them mumbled something about them maybe being friends of Steve.

Once they were past the gates they headed towards Santa’s house, workshop, and the stables. Stegobot suddenly recognized the footprints of a toy Tyrannosaurus.  He decided that he should change into Clark Kentrosaraus, newspaper reporter because stegobots and Tyrannosauruses are natural enemies, and he wanted the team to have a chance to negotiate.  He found Steve in a large pit and the others had followed him.  El Tigre is they only one we know for sure did not see through his disguise.

Steve told them that he would eat them unless they answered his riddle.  That Steve really gets around.  One wonders how he got to the North Pole.  The riddle was:

They follow and lead, but only as you pass.

Dress yourself in blackest black

And they are darker still.

Always they flee the light,

Thought without sun there would be none.

Surprisingly, it was Herbert Hoover, the vacuum cleaner without anything in his head, especialy since he only blows, who quickly came up with the answer.  Steve hopped rather gracefully out of the pit and stomped off muttering about how he never gets to eat anyone.

The group found they had one more obstacle to face before they could search for Santa.  They found  small flock of devil duckies skating around a frozen pond.  The duckies attacked and a fierce battle followed where Herbert was soarly wounded.  Most of the group retreated to the Toy Factory, but Stegobot went for a swim beneath the devil duckies, breaking through the ice.  He found Santa’s sleigh.  He hurried to join his friends.  They found that the toys were still in the workshop, but there wasn’t any sign of the eleves.

El Tigre managed to convince a few Brazt dolls to go out to face the duckies armed with duck hunting equipment,  but when they got outside the duckies were gone.

Next up for investigation was Santa’s house.  It was empty of life, but El Tigre used his tiger senses to smell the scents of two people.  One smelled like cinders and one smelled  very clean.  He also found a cloth that was part of a Bishop’s robes.

Again Herbert prooved smarter than he looked and guessed that Sinterklasse might be behind the disappearance of Santa Clause.  Sinterklasse is Holland’s version of Santa.  He has some number of black men who help him.  Perhaps the smell of cinders came from Zwarte Piet.

They realized that the only place they hadn’t looked was in the reeindeer’s stable.  All the famous reindeer were there.  They revealed that someone had been feeding them.  El Tigre smelt cinders and they forced Piet out of the shadows.  When they fought him he split into two, but they easily defeated him.  He admitted that Sinterklasse had taken Santa to his castle in Spain, but that the elves had been sent to Hawiia for a well deserved vacation.

The team realized they would have to fly to spain to face Sinterklasse or at least his minions.


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