Game Summary: New Blood- issue 1

New Blood

Issue 1

Welcome to Harbor City

“Anyone subject to sanity rules wouldn’t last two days in Harbor City.”

The Dung Beatle is in town with his wife attending a gardening show. The Trouser Weasel is busy living his secret identity as a mystery shopper. Whale-Watcher is at home on furlough from the city’s harbor management project. Veronica Waters is enjoying her new life as a half human/ half octopus working for the city. The Huntress is in town visiting some relatives and enjoying a city after years in the jungle. Finally, Don Manuel is just passing through on his never ending journey of enlightenment.

Veronica is out of the lab enjoying a nice cool night walk in the sprinklers of a local park. She spots a human kneeling on the grass also being doused by the sprinklers. As humans are usually not smart enough to enjoy an evening romp in the sprinklers she moves in to investigate, but Don Manuel is communing with his spirit allies and pays no more attention to her than to the sprinklers.

Whale-Watcher is surprised to see a car fly down the street by her window and goes to investigate. The car flies down the street and lands with a poor parking job. There is no one in it and the car is off. Looking around she sees that she is by a theater showing Peter Pan and several office buildings and stores. Suddenly, another car comes flying up from another street. This one has a screaming woman inside it pounding on the windows and doors! Her amazing aquatic powers don’t seem to be much help so Whale-Watcher calls the police.

[The players don’t know it at this point, but an 8 year old child is playing with the city as if it were a toy. This is not intended as a combat but rather like the dam breaks or a building is on fire. The heroes just have to make sure no one gets hurt. It was also supposed to serve as a warm up for using the mechanics and an introduction that something strange was going on.]

Before the police can arrive the car starts floating above the intersection. But wait! A ladder truck comes flying in towards the car. The Trouser Weasel has just stepped out of a clothing store and is making some notes when he sees the trouble. He swaps positions with the woman ending up in her pants in the car while she ends up in his on the sidewalk. The Weasel has just enough time to think whoops before the fire engine crashes into the car. Fortunately, the impact is pretty mild and both vehicles drop gently to the ground.
Don Manuel is broken from his trance as police cars rush by sirens blaring. Veronica waves down one of the cars, which stops to pick her up. Curious, Don turns into an eagle, one of his totem animals, and flies after the police cars. However, as the first two police cars near the scene they suddenly take flight.

On the ground, the Weasel pulls some thieves tools he keeps in a pants pocket back home and is cutting his way out of the woman’s car. Whale-Watcher just walks up and opens the door. They see two police cars flying straight towards them. Whale-Watcher ducks into an alley and warns the police that sending more cars is a bad plan. The Weasel just steps back and watches what happens. The two cars come in and land on either side of the fire engine, skidding to a stop. Beside the Weasel the woman from the car is still screaming.

Veronica suggests to the police in the third car that they walk. Everyone agrees that this is a good idea. They approach on foot. The cops in the first two cars panic as the door is ripped off of one of the cars. They come piling out of their cars, and one suddenly takes flight. This destroys the Weasel’s theory that they are up against an auto-mancer but he pulls on the cops pants to try to get him out of the sky. Even though the force is strong and he is worried that he may pull the cop in two, the Weasel slowly hauls him from the sky, with help from Whale-Watcher as he gets close to the ground.
Don lands on one of the police cars and talks to the everyday object.

“What happened?”
“I don’t know, suddenly I was flying. It was cool, like a police helicopter, dropping on bad guys from the sky!”
“What did it feel like?”
“I was grabbed around the middle. The cops tried to open the doors, but couldn’t.”

Don’s conversation is interrupted when the police officer is dropped and Don is lifted fifteen stories in the air.

[The cop action figure wasn’t working out. But a cool eagle action figure was just lying there so that looked fun to play with.]

Don’s wings get opened and he is “flown” around the area doing loops and flying upside down and such at 100 mph.

The Huntress, having seen the craziness from her room, finally arrives on the scene as does the Dung Beatle, who is out walking with his wife and two large balls of poo following him like dogs. The Huntress reaches into the alien weapon box and pulls out a grappling gun that fires a sticky grapple. She fires it at the eagle and scores a sticky hit. Unfortunately, even the combined weight of the eagle and the Huntress is less than that of a fire engine and she is hauled into the air. The Dung Beatle tries to help out by weighing her down with several hundred pounds of dung, but the weight is insufficient. The Huntress is swung through the air in a circle at the end of her 150’ cable. Thank goodness she has strong arms. It does have the advantage of shedding much of the poo to fling down the street and onto innocent onlookers.

[Give a kid a string with a weight on one end and they will swing it in circles, it’s just the thing to do.]
Whale-Watcher decides that getting the fire engine out of the area would be good, and suggests that the city send in some firefighters to get it. She also decides that maybe the play has something to do with what is going on. She heads into the theater where people have yet to notice what is going on outside. However, nothing looks related to the weirdness.

Veronica has spent some time tasting the street and various locations, but nothing tastes out of place. She decides to head to where the action is and climbs an office building. The spinning of the Huntress stops and the eagle is put down on a building top letting the dizzy and tired Huntress collapsed on the street. Veronica feels something trying to pull her off the building and holds on hard. She holds on against the force, but the building isn’t so lucky and the piece she is clinging to comes off.

[After a while spinning the string gets boring and there is an octopus toy. How cool is that? ]

Panicking, Veronica blends into the building fragment. The fragment turns slowly in the air for awhile and then is tossed aside. Veronica leaps but it looks like it could be bad. Whale-Watcher reaches out with her power to control sea creatures. Normally she can telekinetically levitate inanimate fish objects, and Veronica’s half human nature makes controlling Veronica even more difficult, but Whale-Watcher manages to slow the octopuses’ descent enough that no one is hurt.

[When the octopus toy vanishes, the kid looks for it, but can’t see it on the building piece. So he tosses it.]

Don turns to human form and begins to try to contact this obviously powerful and angry spirit, chanting into the night sky. The Trouser Weasel suspects that someone must be doing this and that they are probably on a building watching and manipulating things. Wait. There is some guy on that building chanting! The Weasel literally hauls himself into the air by his own britches, the wedgie of flying.

Don calls out to the spirit and asks, “Why are you angry with me spirit?”
A voice calls back from what seems like a long distance, “I’m not a spirit, I’m a boy.”

[I hadn’t imagined anyone being able to talk to the boy, but Manu was willing to use a keyword to establish a connection. Not really a spirit, but I figured I’d roll with it.]

“You sound very young.”
“No! I’m eight.”
“Why are you trying to hurt us?”
“I’m just playing with the toys. Hey, you can talk, you’re a cool action figure.”
“I’m not a toy, I’m a living person. You shouldn’t be hurting people.”
“You can’t be, you’re small like an action figure. Can all the toys talk?”
“Well, everything has a spirit.”

One of the police cars then flies up to where the Weasel is confronting Don. Things are pretty tense as this is even further evidence that Don is the villain but Don can’t really take his attention off of the tenuous connection to the kid. The car tilts upward.

“Police car, can you talk? Well? Bummer.”

Don convinces the Weasel that he is talking to the perpetrator. The Weasel asks Don to ask if the guy is wearing pants. But the Weasel is frustrated as the answer is no. Don makes one last attempt to convince the kid that he’s a person and that the kid should stop playing. The connection goes dead and the cop car falls ten stories. Fortunately the fire fighters managed to get the engine started and are driving away so the police car just misses it.

The crew searches the area for an eight year old boy not wearing pants. Their best shot is that some of the lost boys are played by boys and wearing tights. Tracking them down becomes slightly more difficult as the theater crowd has figured out that something is going on and panics, even though the event is now over. However, none of them match the voice that Don heard. Much discussion occurs and the best theory is that the kid is in bed and dreaming. They hatch a plan and talk Anchorman, the super powered TV reporter, into helping them. They will announce tomorrow a contest to spend a day with a super hero. Just send in a drawing of your dreams from last night and a winner will be chosen from the entries.

[This idea is so creative that if it can possibly succeed it will. However, it will take a couple days to get the message out and drawings back, and players are just not the type to wait.]

With the action over, Whale-Watcher goes home to get some sleep. The others look for other stuff going on and are rewarded when a plane is played with at 1 am. They go to the airport, but find nothing new. Eventually, everyone gets some shut eye.

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