Game Summary: New Blood- Issue 2

New Blood

Issue 2

Aquatic Activities

Even though she is on furlough Whale-Watcher goes to the harbor, just to keep her hand in, and discovers that several boats were sunk by giant waves at around 3 am. She theorizes that this was the boy playing with water. Veronica, having been informed by the researchers of the waves, also comes to investigate. They find nothing beyond the sunken ships until a ferry arrives full of panicked passengers. They report that they saw a water spout in the harbor.

Whale-Watcher and Veronica head out to check into the sighting. They find a current heading towards the spout, and find that the closer they get the stronger the current becomes. Whale-Watcher talks to the local fish, swimming away at full tilt, they claim that it is the apocalypse. The other heroes hear about the goings on at the harbor and head there.

Being a much faster swimmer than Veronica, Whale-Watcher quickly gets close to the spout. The current is heavy, but she keeps her distance as she can hear the thoughts of the fish caught in the water spout as they die screaming.

The Dung Beatle shows up, collects fish droppings, and forms them into a boat slicker than goose, um grease, yeah that’s it.

Don flies over the area and is shocked to see someone standing inside the water spout.

The Dung boat closes in on the water spout.

Meanwhile, Don has met up with the Trouser Weasel. He reports that the person in the water spout is wearing pants, which is all the Weasel is waiting for. The Weasel swaps positions with the woman, ending up standing on water, in the middle of the harbor, surrounded by several tons of water that is no longer being held in the air.

[I ran this as a simple opposed roll, figuring that an actual fight hadn’t really started yet.]

A half drowned Weasel teleports to another pair of pants he has at his place.

Don tries to talk to the woman and find out what is going on. She says that she is trying to save the city. Global warming has caused the ice caps to melt, and the world is going to be flooded, the only hope is to get rid of all the excess water. Didn’t he see the massive waves in the harbor last night? Logic fails to convince her to give up her plan. Don then tries to talk to her about how the sky and water spirits work together. Calling Don crazy, the woman begins walking out onto the water. As she does so, a new water spout begins to form around her.

Seeing that the water spout is suddenly all the way back at the docks, Dung Beatle turns his boat around and heads back in. Whale-Watcher swims back to the docks as well, and notices that the water level has dropped several feet since this started.

Veronica hadn’t gone very far out, and so is near the docks when the woman starts walking back out into the harbor. The current isn’t very strong yet, so Veronica swims up the middle of the spout and grabs the woman. The woman screams and Veronica feels the water inside her just vanishing. Veronica panics and spews ink all over the woman, who panics even more, and now Veronica can barely stay conscious with the loss of her precious bodily fluids. Veronica drops back into the ocean and rehydrates as only an octopus can.

[Now the combat is on, trying my team combat rules.]

Don decides to fly over the water spout and drop down on the woman, turning into a vine to grab her. He basically takes Veronica’s place as she opts for the better part of valor. Now Don is being dehydrated to death.

The Huntress pulls out a freeze ray and freezes the wall of water surrounding the woman. The wall sinks a bit, but ice floats and it is still spinning.

Dung Beatle sails up to the now wall of ice and pulls out his gardening tools to use as ice axes and scales the wall.

Don uses his ability to call birds to bring in dozens of birds to dive bomb the woman and bludgeon her into unconsciousness.

The Huntress uses her freeze ray to build an ice bridge to the water, well ice, spout and walks out there.

The woman is pelted by birds but defends herself with her dehydration power causing many birds to die horribly. Though they still plummet down on top of her leaving her horribly bruised. Horrified by the death, Don calls off the bird attack.

The woman’s panic at being bird bludgeoned causes the ice spout to spin even more quickly. At the top, Dung Beatle can barely hold on using his tools to keep from being thrown free.

Whale-Watcher swims up from beneath and tries to pull the woman under. It works, sort of, as the woman does get pulled under and rinsed off of the octopus ink. It is at this point that Whale-Watcher realizes that she has seen the woman before, but can’t remember the woman’s name. However, the water around the woman simply ceases to be leaving a ‘hole’ in the water. The water rushes in from the sides and bobs the woman right back up to the surface.

The Trouser Weasel recovers enough to teleport back to the harbor and then slides out on the ice bridge using the seat of his pants as a sled.

The Huntress switches to a sonic canon and lets the ice spout have it sending a spray of ice shards everywhere. Fortunately for the woman, the force of spin sends the ice outward as otherwise she would probably have been killed. But it does send Dung Beatle flying out to sea. He psychicly grabs his dung boat and turns it into platform to catch him. He ends up in the comfortable, warm embrace of dung. Well, actually it’s kind of chilly being out in the harbor, but you get the idea.
Deciding that getting the woman out of the water would be good, Whale-Watcher goes and fetches a fishing net.
Veronica finds one of her feeding posts, chains attached to crab traps. She grabs onto the chain to hold against the current and frees the trap to use to smack the woman.

[A very creative action. It combined the character’s background with a defense against the current situation and an attack. Definitely worth the +3 action bonus.]

Whale-Watcher nets the somewhat stunned woman and with Veronica’s help pulls the woman up on shore. At some point the now horribly dehydrated Don falls off, an unconscious, dried out vine.

The Weasel has the Huntress use the sonic canon on a pair of pants which he teleports onto the woman.
Grappled, inked, pelted by bird corpses, wacked by a metal cage, drug from the water in a net and, finally, wearing violently vibrating pants, the woman passes out.

[In my multi-player combat system I have everyone roll their own roll with their own bonuses and compare it to the opponent’s. Depending on how many players succeed the players get more control over the final narration. Only two of the six players beat Haily but given everything that seemed sufficient to have her captured.]

After soaking in water for awhile, Don regains consciousness and reverts to human form, though he will need to hydrate heavily for the next few days. The Dung Beatle threw his back out landing on the dung barge, but a little chiropractic medicine and he should be fine. The weird mixture of magic and alien technology causes the Huntress to also get vibrating pants from the stunt with the Weasel, but overall she is fine.

[As Haily wasn’t really trying to hurt anyone the damage I gave out was pretty minor. Indeed my narration was so in the PC’s favor that only Laura added anything, and that was the feedback onto her character as she had failed her roll.]

The Weasel lifts Haily by the pants and drops her in the police van to be hauled off.

Being a former low level criminal the Weasel teleports home and checks ThugNettm to see if someone is in the market for super henchmen. However, no one is.

[Rolfe used his keyword to create a computer board for thugs looking for work, very Silver Age but in keeping with Harbor City. He thought that maybe all these supers were being created by someone trying to get some good help. Here is an instance where I would really like to have bennies or fate points. It was a good idea but the answer was no. I gave him a definitive no for his troubles, but that is less than satisfying. In a system with bennies I could at least give one as a consolation prize.]

Whale-Watcher goes down to check the Atlantian runes that guard Harbor City’s sea wall to check what kind of magic had caused all of the water effects. However, they were not caused by magic of any king.

[This was another great use of a keyword, and a nice question where the answer was a definitive no.]

Don interrogates Haily’s library card and finds that the card is young, only two books old. Those books were The End of Oil and An Inconvenient Truth. Don finds that it is definitely not a “smart” card.

Don interrogates Haily’s wallet made of recycled rubber finding out that it has been robbed. Don returns the stolen library card and the wallet tells him that it is very old but has only recently been reborn to its new purpose of guarding money. Apparently it spent many years as a tire.

Whale-Watcher remembers where she had seen the woman. The woman is Haily Jones, an environmental activist, and had attended some of the same ecological protests as Whale-Watcher. So Whale-Watcher heads down to the police station to see if Haily is awake. She is, though Haily is drugged to the gills and in a padded cell. They still don’t want Whale-Watcher to go in there but she does anyway.

Whale-Watcher tries to convince Haily that destroying the water is not the best way to deal with rising ocean levels and offers to send Haily a copy of the city’s 50 year plan for dealing with this. Being drugged out of her mind, Haily agrees to read a copy.

Haily also explains that she has never before had super powers and is recently revived from a coma where she ended up after being beaten by police at a protest.
Whale-Watcher leaves and a quick internet search shows that, yes, Haily Jones was put into a coma two years ago when beaten by police.

The team decides to check out the Harbor City hospital by arranging to have some supers come by and put on a show for the sick children. The hospital will not allow Dung Beatle to bring giant balls of poo into the hospital.

The show goes pretty well until Don decides that they need to break into the computer records and that that will require a distraction. Don changes into a jaguar and goes on a rampage through the hospital, proving Mayor Pennywise’s theory that supers of all stripes are dangerous nut jobs.

Now that there is a distraction someone could break into the computer system. Of course the only person really qualified would be Whale-Watcher who, as a law abiding citizen, refuses to do so and is trying to get the jaguar situation under control.

Veronica decides to try her hand at getting the information but doesn’t get very far. While she does know how to work a computer she is after all an octopus that has only been sentient for two years. Her technical training leaves something to be desired. She does pull up the map of the hospital showing that the coma wing is a couple blocks down. This is also ironic since given Veronica’s camouflage abilities she didn’t even need the distraction.

[Here I made a mistake. I thought that Sarah was having her character do this just because they would, even if they had no chance of success. Also, I thought that Veronica had only normal human intelligence that, combined with a serious lack of experience, made hacking a computer system very unlikely. Turns out that it was a serious attempt and that Veronica had almost genius level intelligence. So I had her roll. It failed, but I should have had her roll in the first place.]

Veronica also searches for stories on boys waking up from comas and finds one. There is no name or address, and the photo doesn’t show the boy’s face, but a local boy came out of a coma about a month ago and is the right size to be eight years old.

While everyone else deals with the jaguar situation, Veronica goes down to the coma ward, shows them her city credentials, and tells them that there is an incident at the main hospital and that she would like to check things out here. Since she really does work with the city and there really is an incident, they have a nurse show her around. The nurse will not break any confidentially rules, but does say that three people have recently come out of comas. This is again ironic as Veronica has the worst social skills in the group, she’s an octopus after all.

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