Game Summary: New Blood- Issue 3

New Blood

Issue 3

Casing the Joint

After regrouping to share what Veronica found, the group splits up. Most people go home. Veronica heads back to the lab and the Dung Beetle goes to his booth at the garden show.

Morko, also known as the Boogieman, has recently set up shop as a psychologist in Harbor City. At night he scares wicked people, in theory to try to cure them of their wickedness. He notices that some weird things have been going on and that Whale-Watcher is involved. It takes little time to find out her real name as she doesn’t try to hide it, and he looks up her address in the phone book.

The Boogieman shows up on Whale-Watcher’s doorstep and knocks. She is somewhat reluctant to let him in as he is just disturbing. She finally does and Morko asks her about the strange goings on. She tries to pass him off onto the Dung Beetle, giving Morko the Beetle’s cell number. Morko sticks around awhile longer because he knows that it freaks her out.

The garden show has an outdoor area in the sports stadium. As people are packing things up for the night at the garden show, suddenly the people and equipment on the field part like the Red Sea and start getting pushed towards each end. People start fleeing and the Beetle calls the other heroes.

As an experiment, the Beetle rolls two of his huge balls of dung up towards the wall of oncoming stuff and then has it leap over the wall into the open space in the middle. Suddenly, all of the stuff stops moving.

[The kid was clearing the field to play soccer with the action figures. But when dung balls got thrown towards his face he lost interest and wandered off.]

The Beetle forms the dung into giant letters on the field asking “Who are you?”

The others arrive. Whale-Watcher talks to some fish in a display, but they don’t know anything. The Beetle convinces Veronica to make herself look like a G.I. Joe doll. The Weasel immobilizes the pants of the one guy whose leg was broken in the chaos. The Beetle turns dung into drums and commits horrible crimes against music.

Despite the various attempts to contact the kid, nothing happens.

[The G.I. Joe was brilliant, but the kid had already been driven off by dung so didn’t see it.]

Don decides to gather people into a shamanic ritual and does so. Whale-Watcher doesn’t join and instead helps people salvage their displays and tries to figure out how much force would be needed for this, turns out to be that of several bulldozers.

It takes awhile but the ritual succeeds bringing them into contact with the boy. Well, except for the Boogieman, who is looking for wickedness. Morko gets lost in the spirit world and goes about giving people horrible dreams for minor offenses like late library books. Many people around Harbor City get a terrible night’s sleep.

The conversation with the boy is short as he seems to be asleep, rather than dreaming, and Dung Beetle promises him cookies if he wakes up. He wakes up and this destroys the connection.

The team mostly packs it in for the night. Whale-Watcher figures out which reporter wrote the story on the kid coming out of a coma and decides to call the reporter tomorrow. She also orders some gear with the local team logo, The Seahorses, some M and M’s, an inflatable raft, and a screwdriver.  The Huntress spends most of the night researching the doctors at the coma ward and their publications. She finds nothing unusual but does find that there are three of them, a senior physician and two younger ones. She sends an email to one of the younger ones, Dr. Pandora Case, saying that something is odd with the former coma patients and that they need to talk but gets a bounce back saying that Dr. Case is on vacation. Huntress sends the email to the other young doctor, but at 4 am gets no immediate reply. Morko goes out and gives people bad dreams.

[Devon actually looked up Mariner’s merchandise to see what you can get with a team logo on it.  Another benny worthy idea in a game with no beenies.]

The next day, Whale-Watcher calls the reporter and sets up a meeting at a bar.

Veronica goes down to the TV station and sorts the dream pictures that kids have sent in, mostly by taste.

The Huntress gets a reply from the doctor saying that all of the patients that woke up where patients of Dr. Case. Dr. Case’s vacation also seems to have been very sudden. The Huntress goes and examines Dr. Case’s house, but doesn’t go in and doesn’t find anything unusual.

Whale-Watcher lets slip at her meeting that something might actually be interesting about the coma patients. In exchange for the lead, the reporter leaves his notebook with the boy’s address on the table as he goes and gets drinks.

Everyone meets up at the TV station. Morko has found four kids whose dreams show that they are wicked and need his special “help”. Veronica has found a picture that is very likely to be from the kid. Whale-Watcher confirms that it is the kid that was in a coma. The Dung Beetle figures that the easiest way to talk to the kid is to simply go through with the “spend a day with a hero” prize.

After some discussion some of the team goes to watch the boy’s house. Don turns into a vine, Veronica blends into the grass, and Morko hides under the bed. Morko is sadly disappointed that no one in the house is particularly wicked.

[I had been worried that Morko would give the kid with super powered dreams nightmares. That would have ended very poorly.]

The next day is Friday and people decide to wait for Saturday to talk to the kid.

A new super is interviewed on TV. He just gained his amazing jumping powers last night, and now he is the Leaper!! He’s asked to demonstrate them, and leaps a fairly normal distance. He says that the powers are new and that maybe they only work at night.

Most of the team goes to check out Dr. Case’s house. Whale-Watcher wants nothing to do with breaking and entering and Don stays as a vine to watch the kid’s house. Using her camouflage and ability to fit through small holes, Veronica breaks in. She finds a security system, but doesn’t know how to shut it off. Slithering around low to the ground doesn’t seem to trigger the alarm so she searches the house.

She finds that Dr. Case may have taken some clothes, but not many, did take her toothbrush and the like, and that the computer and all of Dr. Case’s papers are missing from the study. Veronica tastes that two other people helped Dr. Case clear out the study, but not the bathroom or the closet.

[I completely forgot about this, but Veronica would have tasted it slithering about.]

Whale-Watcher is watching the news and catches a story about a disturbance at the Harbor City Mall. She heads over there and calls the Trouser Weasel to hop into the pants he gave her. He does so and they both drive up to the mall only to see six police cars in the parking lot, running civilians and a dozen cops with drawn guns heading into the mall.

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