Game Summary: New Blood- Issue 4

New Blood

Issue 4

Berserk Button

Whale-Watcher and the Trouser Weasel approach the mall but are stopped by the police. While Whale-Watcher tries to convince them that they are heroes and should be let in, the Weasel recalls a clothing display inside from his job as a secret shopper and teleports into some leather pants. A mannequin appears in the Weasel’s pants outside by Whale-Watcher, who is not amused.

Needing a vehicle to get the mall, Morko walks into the street and terrifies a poor man driving an SUV. He careens off of the road and barely avoids hitting a tree. As the driver runs off, Morko takes the car and has the other heroes pile in. Morko sets off for the kid’s house to pick up Don Manuel.

The Weasel watches in horror as one of the cops fires at a woman who is waving her hands and screaming rants about customers and whether anybody wants a piece of her. The bullets are reflected back, leaving the cop bleeding profusely on the floor. The Weasel grabs two pairs of leather pants to use as pant-chucks. He lets a cop with a baton try to attack the woman before going in himself. The cop hits the woman’s face, which seems to do nothing but break the cop’s arm.

Whale-Watcher enters the mall as the police abandon the door to go pull out their shot coworker.

“Officer down! Officer down!”

Fear drives the streets of Harbor City. Morko and the rest of the team make great time by ignoring traffic laws and general safety while panicked drivers clear out of the way. He is followed by Don, in the form of a motorcycle with no rider.

Whale-Watcher approaches the woman carefully, noting that another woman is lying on the ground in front of a little kiosk and twitching. The Weasel entangles the screaming woman with the pants, wrapping one about each arm, but they unwind and reflect back upon him, leaving the Weasel tied up. Whale-Watcher tries a peaceful approach, floating some Seahorse logo M & M’s over towards the woman and trying to get her to calm down.

Radiating fear like the living nightmare he is, Morko drives the SUV straight into the mall in a cascade of glass. This ends the whole calm thing that Whale-Watcher was going for. Oddly, Morko feels his amazing fear powers fail. He feels more like Barney, disturbing but not actually frightening.

The Huntress and Dung Beetle bale out of the car. Veronica slides out and goes over to the mall map.

Don shines his headlight into the woman’s eyes and is immediately blinded by a bright flash. He returns to human form.

Veronica figures out where the mall security office is and heads there to take over the loudspeakers.

[One of her problems is that she can’t shout, and so can’t be heard over the chaos. This would take care of that and was definitely worth an extra bonus for a clever way to overcome a problem.]

The Huntress is at something of a loss for dealing with the woman. The infinite box of alien weapons just doesn’t seem like the right tool for the job.

Several of the team members try for a calm rational approach with the woman. Whale-Watcher tries bribing her with chocolate, Don uses his ability to call cats and holds up a cute kitten for her to pet, and Morko is just trying to ask her a few questions.

Their efforts are undermined, however, as the Weasel switches pants with the woman trying to set up a feedback loop. This works, big time. Everyone’s pants start switching, including the mannequins. It’s pant-amonium.

Meanwhile, the Dung Beetle has decided that he is going to take her out with his most devastating attack. He sends a stream of dung over to the woman and has it crawl up her pant leg. He then tries to have the dung go in the way it would normally come out. If you know what I mean. As he instigates this nasty, painful, and humiliating attack the Dung Beetle is overcome with pain. It’s as if needles where being jabbed into most of his pores. He drops to the ground screaming.

Veronica gets on the loudspeaker and calls for everyone to stop attacking.

The Weasel ends the feedback loop, dropping to the floor exhausted.

When all the attacks have ceased, the Huntress opens up with her alien medical device, including herself in the effect. Not being wounded, but being somewhat upset, the Huntress and the woman find themselves feeling no pain.

[The players didn’t roll so well here. Rolfe and Sarah both rolled 1’s on the d12 and Devon rolled poorly as well. Fortunately, the way I’ve got the multiplayer combat running someone is bound to score a victory. In this case it was Morko and the Huntress favoring the let’s talk to her approach. With only 2 of the 7 winning the round I had primary narration rights. In theory I could damage anyone that lost the roll but figured that the player’s that went for non-confrontation were basically fine. Given their actions the Weasel was exhausted and Dung Beetle was just blasted with pain.]

Unharmed, but calmer and slightly sedated the woman starts petting the cat and answering questions.

Morko asks who caused all of this and the woman points to the other woman twitching on the ground. Morko examines her for wickedness and finds that she’s selfish and arrogant and a really poor customer, but not particularly evil.

Don knocks the Dung Beetle out to spare him the pain and everyone else the screaming.

Whale-Watcher takes the woman aside and tries to keep her calm and feeds her M & M’s.

Dissatisfied with the lack of wickedness and having failed to scare the woman before, Marko figures that it’s time to use psychology. The woman’s greatest fear is being in a coma. So Marko repeatedly hints that she will probably relapse.

This works well and causes the woman to panic. Her powers send Whale-Watcher and the kitten into comas. Morko can’t really go into a coma, and so is fine.

Worried that the fight will start again, the Weasel tries to wall the woman off with a dancing wall of pants.

This only sends the woman further into panic mode and waves of fear come rushing off of her.

Morko finds this warm and refreshing, while the Huntress is still on the good drugs and Veronica is out of range. However, Don and the Weasel are hit by full blown terror. The Weasel ends up in his apartment under a pile of pants. Don turns into an eagle and flies away.

Interestingly, Morko just decides to leave and takes the Huntress with him.

[That should probably have been another combat but we had to catch the bus so I just winged it off of the results for the last combat.]

This leaves only Veronica and the woman in the mall and conscious. Veronica takes on human shape and goes and talks to the woman.

The woman says that her name is Caroline Hews and that she really regrets getting her old job at the mall back. She never really liked the job, and then that customer showed up.

“She’s always buying things and then returning them with some lame excuse. Like ‘It doesn’t fit.’ We sell jewelry. How does that even make sense?”

So, Veronica and Caroline sit and talk and eat M & M’s on a bench in the ruins of the mall between the unconscious bodies of Whale-Watcher and Dung Beetle while the annoying customer twitches on the floor. Outside, police cars pour onto the scene surrounding the mall, while police and news helicopters fly in from above.

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