Game Summary: New Blood- Issue 6

New Blood

Issue 6

Violence Solves Everything

With Don and the Bronze Umbrella in costume, the locals mostly clear out of the bar when the heroes walk in. The Huntress is outside watching for gang members.

Down the street, Whale-Watcher is enjoying her entrée.

The Huntress sees the entire gang coming down the street. Some go to the front of the bar, others to the back where she is hiding. Just as the Weasel orders spaghetti, one of the gang members throws open the front door, yells “It looks like you Corlione’s have started playing dress up too!”, and hurls a Molotov cocktail into the bar.

The Bronze Umbrella leaps into action catching the Molotov with an umbrella and hurling it back at the gang member. Unfortunately, they close the door and the front door is now on fire. Out back the Huntress uses her bubble gun on another Molotov wielding thug imprisoning him inside a bubble that will last an hour. He drops the Molotov and lights himself on fire.

[Finally, a traditional knock-down, drag out fight with criminals.]

The other thugs out back open fire on the Huntress, who blocks the bullets by putting a giant bubble between her and the goons.

The Weasel pulls out a pair of fire proof pants and starts trying to put out the fire. The Bronze Umbrella hits the flames with an extinguisher umbrella. The fire is pretty much put out.

Whale-Watcher is enjoying a nice meal and talks to her contact. She finds out that the Corlione family has decided to send the street gang packing, not classy enough for the neighborhood. When she mentions comas, she finds out that Jimmy “Snake Eyes” Corlione, the son of the present boss, has been in a coma for a year and is being treated at the Corlione mansion outside of town. People at the restaurant hear shots down the street.

With the fire out, the Bronze Umbrella kicks the door open and heads out into the crowd of twenty armed gang members. The Weasel quickly links his pants to the thugs he can see and does a hand stand causing them to do the same. This leaves the Bronze Umbrella with thugs on both sides of him opening fire. Remembering his father’s training starting with rubber bullets and working up to real ones, the Bronze Umbrella executes jaw dropping feats of martial skill. He pops open a bullet proof umbrella on either side of him, rolls, and then leaps into one of the groups of thugs hammering them with his bronze tipped umbrellas.

[Here is one of the things I like about description based games. The character background can be used to get mechanical bonuses, in this case by inserting a training flashback.]

A second Molotov is thrown in through the door, right were the Weasel is doing a hand stand, lighting his back on fire.

Don turns into an eagle and flies out with a pair of the Weasel’s pants, dropping it over by a fountain.

The windows are small and high up the wall but this barely slows Veronica down as she heads out to the back. Two thugs have gotten under either side of the Huntress’s huge bubble. One attacks her with a knife. The other is aiming his gun. Veronica inks the thugs on her side of the bubble while the Huntress switches from bubble gun to machete and nearly cuts the knife wielder’s hand off. She twists the knife wielder around to use him as a human shield and his buddy shoots him.

Don calls on the spirit of the black vine to bring horrific visions of their crimes to the gang members while Whale-Watcher leaves the restaurant and fires hundreds of Seahorse logo M&Ms down the street at high velocity. It is hard to tell whether these have much effect as the Weasel stops, drops, and rolls taking a third of the thugs with him and using them to bowl over the thugs that the Bronze Umbrella isn’t thrashing.

Veronica crushes the inked thugs in back with a large dumpster.

When all the thugs are down, the Huntress piles them all into a giant bubble to wait for the cops. They are a sorry lot, battered and suffering horrible visions.

[This was a clear victory for the heroes, 4 wins out of 6 rolls. They had primary narration rites and so just thrashed the thugs. The only one who might have been horribly wounded was the Weasel being hit by a Molotov and all. But he made his roll so it was just action hero damage. Looks bad but it really doesn’t mean anything.]

Still on fire, the Weasel gathers up the flames and magically sends them to the pair of pants by the fountain sending them up in a burst of fire.

People compare notes and decide that Dr. Case must be at the Corlione estate. Don turns into a motorcycle, the Bronze Umbrella rides his bronze cycle, and everyone else piles into Whale-Watcher’s car.

The heroes arrive at the Corlione estate with a cunning plan. Veronica uses her camouflage abilities to sneak past the guards and onto the grounds. Whale-Watcher stays in her discretely parked car maintaining mental communication with the sea creature Veronica. The Trouser Weasel hooks a pair of pants up to a fire hydrant and gets ready to turn the hydrant on. Don turns into an eagle and flies over to the house carrying a pair of pants. The Huntress waits in the shadows. Being a naïve, young hero, the Bronze Umbrella stands in the street in costume polishing his bronze motorcycle.

Once the pants are in the third floor of the house the Weasel magically links the pants to the ones on the fire hydrant and turns the hydrant on, flooding the house from the top down!

As expected, people flee the flooding house. An elderly man is seen panicking and pounding on one of the third story windows.

Veronica sees a man literally step out of a wall carrying the water spewing pants. Given the back pressure he really can hold onto them and ditches the pants into the grass. He disappears back into the wall. A speedster starts running around the grounds looking for the people attacking the estate but Veronica remains undiscovered.

Suddenly a shot rings out from outside the estate and the Bronze Umbrella slumps over his motorcycle!

[Starting a fight by shooting a character in the back of the head with a rifle seems pretty harsh, even if he was the only visible target thanks to his naïve problem. In most systems it would be harsh. However, this is 7 leagues so he doesn’t take serious damage unless he loses the role at the end of the fight. Now, it is simply a matter of coming up with some good descriptions for what he does after he is shot. If it’s lame like “the bullet just grazes me I’m fine” then he takes penalties rather than a bonus for his action. So it’s not terrible, it will just require some clever description.]

Don calls out to his bird friends. Veronica latches one tentacle onto a pole and uses the others to grab people and slam them into the ground. Some guards, and several normal staff members, are slammed and Veronica sneaks off.

The Bronze Umbrella is only stunned. His bronze hat is wrecked, but it saved his life. He pulls out his grapple umbrellas and starts swinging down the street looking like a bronze spiderman gleaming in the moonlight. The Huntress pulls out grappling bagh nakhs and follows suit.

[Having the bullet hit the bronze hat was pretty cheesy, like being shot in the pocket watch. However, the character sketch had a hat, he had been talking up his bronze equipment all night, and the character had a very retro style where that sort thing was pretty common. So, on him, it worked.]

Swinging down the street with no cover, the Bronze Umbrella is once again shot by the mob marksman. Hit in the shoulder he stops swinging and takes cover behind a tree and throws up a flash umbrella to try to blind his attacker. The Huntress, skilled from years in the brush and hunting poachers, spots the concealed gunman up atop a wall. She also stops swinging, heading into the brush for cover. While the marksman is used to concealing himself, he is not used to dealing with experts in stealth and loses track of the Huntress.

Don and Veronica spot Pandora and Patricia Case being hustled out of the building. Veronica relays the information to Whale-Watcher who relays it to the Weasel. Don turns into a jaguar and attacks the men guarding the Case sisters. His bird allies descend onto the estate guards.

[Here is one of the things that I liked about the system. Whale-Watcher is basically coordinating communications and acting as back up. In most systems that has little mechanical effect. Here she gets bonuses like everyone else and gets to roll at the end to see if the heroes free the hostages and beat the villains. So support characters can take part just like combat machines.]

Knowing where the Case sisters are, and that they are wearing pants, the Weasel teleports back to his apartment and then swaps places with Dr. Case, leaving the Weasel on the grounds of the Corlione estate.

Whale-Watcher calls the Weasel’s phone, which is in the pants that Dr. Case is wearing, and tells her to call the cops and tell them about how she was kidnapped.

The speedster sees the hero appear and attacks the Weasel pounding him with a sap at a hundred miles an hour. The Weasel is sent flying. He manages to teleport back to his apartment leaving Dr. Case’s pants to smash into the wall on their own. Back at his apartment the Weasel plows into his living room wall.

A man walks casually through all of the chaos playing with his lighter.

Veronica decides to climb up to the window and talk to the old man. He turns out to be the somewhat senile elder Corlione and is willing to chat. He says that his grandson is no longer in a coma but is out on the grounds. When Veronica asks if he has super speed, the old man says he can do anything! Veronica asks why they are doing all of this. The answer, power, just doesn’t make any sense to her.

As the Bronze Umbrella’s flash umbrella is about to go off in mid air, the Huntress sneaks up on the mob marksman. Not seeing her, he drops his rifle, pulls out a pair of pistols and vanishes into the wall. So much for the surprise attack.

The shooter pops out of the wall across the street, right in front of the Bronze Umbrella and opens fire. As bullets rip through him, the Bronze Umbrella triggers his grappling umbrella and hits the marksman in the head, putting him out cold.

Barely conscious the Weasel asks Dr. Case about the exact pants her sister is wearing and pulls a like pair from his extensive wardrobe. He reaches out and pulls Patricia to him. As a final gesture of defiance against the speedster he pours marbles down his pants sending them to come out of the Huntress’s. She’s nowhere near the speedster, but does manage to trip on them herself and bang her head into the wall.

The strolling man is attacked by birds, takes off his jacket and throws it in the air. Suddenly it turns into a fireball. Many birds are incinerated.

Having gotten rid of the Weasel, the speedster runs over to Don and, slowing down considerably, throws the jaguar out over the fence into the street. Rather than get slammed, Don turns into an eagle and starts flying. The speedster leaps after him, but hasn’t really coordinated with his team. He is burned by the fireball and blinded by the flash umbrella. Taking advantage of the speedster’s stunned condition, and a motorist fleeing by the scene, Don turns into a vine, wraps around the speedster, and drags him behind the car until he passes out.

Observing the chaos, the Whale-Watcher drives off, obeying all traffic laws. Veronica also sneaks off.

[Here is the climactic fight. Again it is 4 out of 6 successes. Since the heroes had narration rights they chose to take out the marksman and the speedster, and of course solidify the rescue of the hostages. Whale-Watcher also narrated that she got away clean. Once again John took a high risk route, in this case mano-a-mano against a teleporting sniper, and was betrayed by the dice. So the Bronze Umbrella is shot pretty badly. He can’t really die in 7 leagues, and it is the final fight so it doesn’t really matter. Laura also failed and decided to smack into the wall. Laura was really good about describing bad things happening to her character when she lost the combats, very cool.]


The Bronze Umbrella goes to the hospital and eventually recovers. There are charges associated with the assault on the estate, but he was never on the grounds and it can’t be proven that he was with the others. The bullet wounds also generate jury sympathy. With a decent lawyer he gets off. It’s trial by fire for his first mission, but he is victorious.

The Corlione’s also have legal problems, shooting people in the streets, kidnapping, and illegal human experimentation. They don’t do so well.

Speaking of illegal human experimentation, Dr. Case loses her license and disappears into federal custody.

Veronica doesn’t get all of the legal technicalities and so happily goes back to the research center, eats some fish, and continues to do what she does.

Not being wanted for questioning, Whale-Watcher and the Dung Beetle go to have the ‘day with a hero’ with the kid. He has fun and they tell him about his super powers. They put him in touch with a psychologist specializing in powered people, no, not Morko, and hopefully he will learn to control his power better. The Dung Beetle then returns home.

Don continues to walk the Earth.

The Huntress and the Trouser Weasel get some much deserved R&R.


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