Game Recap: Danger Patrol! Hunters of the Red Moon

Sabotage! Gene Geller, psychic commando, and Agent Spectre, deceased spy, of the Danger Patrol tried to keep the starship Excalibur together as explosions rocked through the vessel. They managed to ditch the dying craft into a lake on a nearby moon, but the engines were still running and couldn’t be shut off. The red warning claxons screamed that an explosion was imminent. Water rushed around the forward windows as the ticking bomb that used to be ship sank towards the bottom. Outside, disturbed from their nesting, the long, black bodies of electric leaches slid through the water, traces of blue lightning crackling around them. Against the giant form of Saturn occupying most of the sky, something moved in the jungle beyond.

Danger Patrol Theme Song Starts

Hunters of the Red Moon

Previously on Danger Patrol!

Agent Spectre returned as a ghost having been murdered by his girlfriend Svetlana. In reality she is the infamous “Red Fox”, agent of the evil Crimson Republic.

Gene Geller and his partner Agent Spectre recovered the amazing psychic robot that had been stolen by a renegade alien calling itself Xycmic.

Agent Spectre grabbed the Danger Patrol Instruction Manual, looked up engine shut down, and began to read to Geller. As Geller went to the engine room to try the emergency shutdown, Spectre fumbled with the supply cabinet, slipping his hand through and pulling the raft inflation tab rather than actually opening the cabinet. When it finally opened the cabinet did a full Fiber McGee’s closet impression throwing all their survival supplies about the ship.

In the engine room, Geller desperately tried to remember his cadet training on engines while listened to Spectre’s reading of the manual. But Spectre became fainter and fainter until he was coming through the wrist communicator. He had abandoned Geller and the ship! Geller desperately worked the engine controls when the fuel gave way on the other side of the room. He switched the pump shut with his mind and pulled out a mass of wires. Quiet as the engines rumbling halted. Then the ship flipped. Water rushed into the engine room. She was going down fast and the leaking fuel was everywhere. He cut his way out of the ship but the fuel was escaping as well, out in a lake teaming with electric leaches. With tremendous concentration he sealed the ship with his mind and she disappeared into the depths.

Meanwhile, Agent Spectre’s splashing and reading had attracted a charged swarm of blood suckers. Fortunately, his training, weapons, and lack of blood kept them at bay. Behind him, disturbed by the sunken ship, a huge, black shape emerged from the lake.

Geller found himself in a large and rising pool of water. A pool rimmed with teeth! He was in the maw of the titanic momma leach. It looked bad for Geller, and Spectre was undoubtedly next having slain her children. Their attacks seemed useless against the monster but moments before Geller was swallowed Spectre managed to distract her with a hologram of a giant male electric leach.

Geller leapt from her mouth. However, the wave of her passage splashed over the jungle revealing a four armed, four legged alien something like a four armed centaur carrying spears. They tried to make peace with him even though the centaur didn’t speak any known language. Finally the duo convinced him when they drove off a one eyed giant that had appeared to challenge the alien.

That left several questions. What happened to the ship and where the heck were they? Agent Spectre floated through the ship and discovered sabotage to the engines and navigation equipment along with a silver fox shaped earring. The Red Fox! Even in death she continued to haunt him.

Geller got some basic orientation from the centaur pointing to visible moons, but that only narrowed it down. Spectre returned and they had a cringe worthy slapstick comedy moment trying to make a giant astrolabe out of sticks with Spectre dropping it on Geller when Geller noticed a strange plant. It was the botanical find of the decade. This plant wasn’t supposed to really exist. It was only depicted on images of the Saturnian gods. It couldn’t be,  no living thing had ever returned from the Blood Moon of the Saturnian Gods!

As if to prove the point, at that moment the centaur took off and several humanoids with six arms and animal like heads each arm wielding a baroque, jewel encrusted weapon came riding in on giant, winged, stinging insects. One, with an almost feline head, pointed at Spectre. What was that on its wrist? It was a bracelet with a silver fox earring.

Geller immediately opened fired while Spectre led the feline headed alien into a trap. It was almost a trap for Spectre but Geller could feel the alien’s mind and tipped Spectre off at the last moment.

Grabbing one of the spears thrown at him, Geller leapt, shot, stabbed, and lobbed grenades as another alien and a swarm of giant, stinging insects poured in on him. Then the feline headed alien flew back into the clearing. But wait, it was really Agent Spectre in disguise! He had led the alien right down the gullet of a conveniently located giant leach and used his disguise kit and hologram projector to take the alien’s place. Sadly, it wasn’t good enough. The other aliens spotted it the moment he got close. Only another mental warning from Geller kept the agent from being pin cushioned. But Spectre did stab one of the aliens and land on their mount. He also stabbed it to death, crashing down near his partner, the amazing psychic commando who had just finished off the rest of their foes.

Agent Spectre wondered what the Red Fox had to do with this, was she here for the Chronos Sphere? Geller had to remind him that the Sphere was just a legend only believed by odd balls and crackpots. They decided to trace the aliens back to where they had come from. It worked well, except that the pair forgot that the aliens had flow in so Geller needed to be rescued from some quicksand. They finally reached the alien’s home, a huge dwelling cut into a cliff decorated with demon/ gargoyle type carvings.

While marveling at this sight, they were ambushed by another group of six armed aliens. As they didn’t try to grab their gear, the pair went along with them and were taken to what looked be a giant temple. At one end was a huge, hundred armed statue with a gigantic orb mounted on a head band. They were ushered passed a group of centaur like guards and onto a stone gangplank above a lava pit. At this point they decided to decline further hospitality.

Under cover of Geller’s fire, Spectre swung to freedom and began to climb the statue. Suddenly, it began to move! Geller and Spectre tried to fight it, but it hurled them back into the pit. Only a grappling line saved them from a fiery death. While Geller swung around the pit on the line gunning down their assailants, Spectre used his hologram projector to disguise the exact location of the pit. The remaining guardsmen screamed as they hit the lava. The duo then turned on the hundred armed monster. It took everything they had but the giant finally followed the guardsmen into the smoking lava below. Take that. Wait, as its massive form plunged into the molten rock the lava was thrown upwards, instant volcano, just add giant. Geller and Spectre turned their rocket packs full throttle and leapt free from the building.

With lava flowing from the exits behind them, the pair looked at each other. What where they going to do now?

Danger Patrol Theme Music Starts

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