Game Recap: The Knights of Midwestville Issue #2 Monster Mash

“What’s that commissioner? A giant monster is rampaging through the state. The governor has called out the National Guard but most of their equipment is still in the Middle East. You want the Knights of Midwestville to make sure no one gets hurt. We’re on our way commissioner.”

Sparky, teenage electrical controller, flew ahead riding on a cushion of lightning. Forcespike had used her disco themed invisibility ray to turn him invisible, though the lightning would probably give his position away. He was followed by Turbo Smash and Forcespike in the “Minivan of Justice” while Luminon flew above them on a column of light.

The source of the trouble soon became obvious, a 30 story tall, cone shaped monster with three tentacles ending in giant suction cups and three giant eyes evenly spaced around its body. Sliding along the fields it was suctioning up the corn harvest and crushing everything in its path. To the West Sparky could see the National Guard moving in. 

The team quickly found that their attacks were basically useless against the gigantic creature. They also found that it was surrounded by a mist of alcohol. When confronted by the National Guard it had even sprayed them with an alcohol cloud rendering most of the guardsmen drunk. Just as Turbo Smash sent Sparky to tell the guardsmen to use their gas masks and some incendiary rounds, the commissioner called.

Midwestville was under attack! He couldn’t say what it was but windows were shattering, people were passing out or getting ill. There was panic in the streets. Midwestville needed the Knights. They were irritated to be recalled before dealing with the Maize Monster, but the commissioner was the boss. So the Knights sped North towards Midwestville.

Flying ahead, Sparky found the city in chaos. The streets were clogged with fleeing citizens and a zone of destruction swept across the metropolis. Everywhere it went, windows shattered, people screamed, a wake of panic and devastation. He saw one woman plummet from a 40th story window and managed to save her in time. She looked ill and disoriented. Deciding to find out what was in the zone first hand, Sparky flew into the chaos and promptly plummeted from the sky dizzy and ill. He barely managed to land and then collapsed.

Meanwhile the rest of the team decided not to fight the minivan into the city through the traffic and so Luminon transported his teammates in on columns of light. It was then that they spotted someone sitting on a rooftop surrounded by armed men. Turbo Smash tried to use his telepathy helmet to read their mind, but their will was too strong. Forcespike was dropped off across the street and used her invisibility ray to turn the top floor invisible. In case a fight broke out the men wouldn’t know where the edge of the building was.

Turbo Smash and Luminon flew in. Sitting amongst agents of the nefarious organization Gargoyle was a pretty woman wearing a kimono. They recognized her as Silk, a powerful enforcer for Gargoyle. When asked what she was doing she told them she was here to watch the giant monster destroy Midwestville.

“Sad really. Destroying a city with giant monsters is just so.. impersonal. But Emperor Guillotine does love his giant monsters.”

Realizing that courtesy was the key to circumventing Silk’s mental defenses, Turbo Smash used telepathy and polite conversation to find out what she was really up to. She actually had been ordered not to attack the city but to report on the monsters’ performance. Yes monsters! Using the super food research from Professor Macdonald, evil agronomist,* the emperor could now grow many giant monsters and had sent two to destroy Midwestville.

*The Knights of Midwestville Issue #1: Old Macdonald had a super fight

The team headed out to try to stop the monster presently in the city. Forcespike went to their somewhat damaged headquarters and with the help of Q^2 the team’s butler and equipment specialist she modified her invisibility ray into a visibility ray. Meanwhile, Luminon carried Turbo Smash out to where the monster was and decided to try to hypnotize the monster with a giant light show. Whether the monster was hypnotized or not Turbo Smash was. However, the monster did follow Luminon out over Lake Michigan. When it got over the lake it blasted water into the air creating a giant shower and wall of water, but at least it wasn’t in the city.

Forcespike arrived but couldn’t use any of the capsized boats to get out over the water. Fortunately, Sparky showed up and was able to carry her out to the action. Unfortunately, Sparky was also hypnotized by the light show. Forcespike hit the monster with her now visibility ray, but hidden behind the wall of water she couldn’t tell whether it had worked.

After Sparky flew headlong into Luminon bouncing humorously off of the light shield, Luminon dropped his light show and flew into the maelstrom with Turbo Smash. They couldn’t see anything until Luminon vaporized the water around them. In the few moments before the tide returned Turbo Smash noticed a strange rippling in the air. The creature was just barely visible thanks to Forcespike’s ray, but it was all around them! It was made of pure energy. A monster made of sound!

Sparky headed to the Midwestville Stadium where concerts are often held. Only one technician had stayed through the chaos. Sparky had him open the dome part way while the teenage electronics expert set up a giant sound sampling system/ speaker system. Meanwhile, Turbo Smash had festooned his armor with expensive crystal art causing him to give off a number of harmonics. Luminon them used Turbo Smash as living bait for the monster. He led it right into the stadium. The creature’s powerful sonic force left Turbo Smash stunned as all the expensive crystal shattered. Sparky was overwhelmed and the technician was heaving.

“You alright?” asked Luminon.
Heave, “Yeah, no worse than the after concert parties.”
“Then activate the sound system!”
Heave, “Ok, yeah.”

Sparky’s contraption sampled the sonic wave that was the beast, primed up a counter wave, and blasted it throughout the stadium. A squeal of feedback and blown circuits was followed by silence. The monster was no more!

As they headed back to the minivan the Knights noticed Silk leaving with the Gargoyle agents. They decided that the Maize Monster was more important at the moment and let her go, though not before Turbo Smash and Silk exchanged cards in case she ever returned to Midwestville or he made it to Tokyo.

Once again our heroes headed South. On the way they met the National Guard fleeing North. The incendiary rounds had just lit the monster on fire, as well as the alcohol soaked guardsman. Now it was burning its way across the state. The Knights could see the fires in the distance.

Turbo Smash came up with a desperate plan. His suit had an internal air system. So, he would get swallowed by the monster and attack from the inside. Being sucked up was easy, getting through the boulders in the giant gizzard was more challenging. He made it to the digestive track where tons of corn was being fermented into alcohol. In pitch darkness, waste deep in boiling corn mush he would have died painfully if not for his air supply and heat resistant suit. He couldn’t really understand the inhuman thoughts rolling through the creature’s mind, but he could use his telepathy to guide himself to its brain.

Ripping into its mind from the inside Turbo Smash proceeded to destroy its brain. Outside the monster went wild spewing fire and destruction. The rest of the Knights scrambled to rescue the civilians caught before the oncoming tide of flame. After what seemed like an eternity the monster finally stopped, breathing its last.

Turbo Smash shoved aside one of the gigantic eyeballs. Standing in the socket, covered in brain and digested corn, the flames from its still enormous supply of alcohol raging along the 30 story corpse, he surveyed the scorched Earth for miles around.

“So, did we win?”

3 Responses

  1. Nicely done. I had a great time at this game, and now I want to recreate Turbo Smash for Harbor City A-List in Truth & Justice.

  2. Thanks Mark. I always wonder if anyone reads the game recap posts.

  3. I definitely read them and post links to them in other forums.

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