Are people still using this site?

Doesn’t look like anything has been published here since 2013. Is anyone still using this site? If not I am going to delete it. I can download the content before deletion if anyone wants it. And of course if it is still being used I am happy to keep it.


3 Responses

  1. Yeah, no one has added anything in awhile. I still use the links and people seem to be reading articles on a regular if low traffic basis.

  2. So is your feeling that I should leave it up or take it down? If there is still utility to keeping it up then perhaps I should revamp the look since the actual Gamefest is long dead.

  3. There have been several hits to some of the articles since your post. I don’t know what it costs to leave up but the site still has some utility. Alas poor Gamefest. A revamped look wouldn’t be bad, though again I am unclear of the effort.

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