Who are you people?

We’re a loose community of role-players centered around Seattle, Washington. There are no membership requirements other than not spamming the lists. You don’t even have to be a member of our mailing list or any other organization to show up for our games, but if you want to keep informed on who’s running what when, we suggest you sign up.

  • Emerald City Game Feast (ECGF) is the spin-off mailing list where Weekly Open Games and other activities are planned and discussed.The list is dedicated to promoting tabletop and live-action gaming, building cooperation between gaming groups, and bringing new people to the hobby. Main activities include organizing free one-day gaming events (“Gamefests”), the Monday Night Games, and gaming activities for other organizations’ events such as the Dragonflight and ConQuest NW conventions.
  • Seattle Gamers Assemble! (SGA) is the mailing list where the Weekly Open Games first got started.
  • Metro Seattle Gamers (MSG) is the gaming club where sometimes meet on Monday nights (not currently).
  • Dragonflight is an umbrella non-profit corporationa dedicated to the advancement of the gaming hobby in the Pacific Northwest. Main activities include the annual Dragonflight Convention in August, an occasional publication (“Quest”) and a year-round gaming location (Metro Seattle Gamers).

Why more than one mailing list?

The club started aggregating as SGA in the late 1990s, with a mailing list on the now-defunct eGroups, and eventually solidified in 2000 when its mailing list was transferred to Yahoo! Groups.

By 2007, the traffic devoted to the weekly open-game events and other initiatives had become so abundant that a split was decided to be necessary: SGA would continue as a Web-based discussion of gaming topics while the Emerald City Game Feast list would organize events such as weekly games, workshops, LARPs, game day events, and get-togethers. Both lists are places where people can drop in to look for fellow gamers and active games.

Do you have other activities?

Yes! We host weekly open gaming every Thursday night. You can read more about this on our Yahoo mailing list and our wiki.

We also organize occasional special events such as live-action role-playing games (LARPs) and gamer yard sales, which are also discussed on our Yahoo mailing list.

We helped organize Dragonflight 2007, 2008, and 2009 including several special events.

We organized the role-playing section of ConQuest Northwest 2008 and 2009, including several special events.

Weekly Open Games

Do I have to pay?

There is no membership fee. We don’t have to pay admission to play at our current location, the Wayward Coffeehouse, but people are expected to buy something, drink or food.

Who can run a game?

Anyone can run a game. If you are new, or have been lurking on the list but not chiming in, and you feel uncertain how to fit in — don’t hesitate! Announce your game for any slot open on the calendar, and promote the game on the mailing list. We try to give priorities to new GMs rather than “old hands”, though of course our goal is to accommodate everyone.

But there’s a game planned every week for months in advance!

Our group is now busy enough that we are trying to establish two games a week on a steady basis. Just schedule your game on a night where there is space for a second game. GMs are encouraged to announce a limited number of spots (e.g., 2-4) and wait until both games’ initial spots have filled before opening — if they wish to — a couple more spots.

What if I want to play in the other game?

It’s our goal to have everyone get good gaming. If you have no interest in playing Game A that night and really want to get into Game B, please discuss this on the list and see if anyone is willing to switch spots. It’s usually possible to accommodate everyone.

What kind of games can I run?

Any game you’d like!

When we first started these events, the focus was on indie games. While this was a fine idea and we have had many great indie games through the years, there were times when we just didn’t have enough people to run and play only indie games, or when the general mood was simply for something else.

Nowadays, we’re open to anything anyone wants to run. In practice, the games that have really got people fired up are the “Indies, Oldies, and Oddballs”: small-press games, out-of-print games, home brews, forgotten favourites, new releases, weird mixes, etc. For an overview of what we’ve played in the past, check out the Gaming Night Archive.

How do I get players interested?

Promote your game on the mailing list for at least a week beforehand. This doesn’t mean cutting other people’s threads; but start getting people interested so they’ll include your game in their schedule. Use teasers to generate excitement.

  • Teasers can also be all sorts of bits of information sent to pique players’ curiosity: newscasts, character bios, posters, etc.. Some GMs will go all out and send a teaser a day for a week. For examples of teasers, see the ones from Crisis on the Island of Forgotten Toys! (2006), as reprinted on the RPG.net Actual Play thread; and Savage X-Crawl (2007).

Game Day

What is Emerald City Gamefest?

Emerald City Gamefest‘s main annual event is a day of card, miniatures, role-playing, and board games where people can drop in and play. Several groups of gamers in the Greater Seattle/Puget Sound area are collaborating to organize an annual all-day event.

The event is entirely free; there is no fee to come in, to play, or for any other activity; the event does not bring any revenue to any organizer or sponsor. No pre-registration is necessary – just come on in!

Is this your first event?

No. We have held Emerald City Gamefest game day events in November 2006, 2007, and 2008.

Where is the Gamefest game day held this year?

On November 14, 2009, Emerald City Gamefest’s game day will take place at a new location: the Church of the Redeemer (Episcopalian) in Kenmore:

6211 NE 182nd St
Kenmore, WA 98028

Click here for Google map. You may know the place already if you’ve attended one of the gaming events organized by SmiteFest!

How do I get to the event — by car?

From I-5 Northbound:

  • Take the ramp onto I-405 N
  • Take the exit onto WA-522 W toward Seattle/Bothell
  • Turn right at 62nd Ave NE
  • Turn right at NE 182nd St

From I-5 Southbound:

  • Take exit 181 for WA-524/196th St SW toward Lynnwood
  • Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Brier and merge onto 196th St SW/WA-524
  • Turn right at Poplar Way and continue on as it changes to Brier Rd
  • Continue on 55th Ave NE
  • Take a slight left at NE 193rd St
  • Turn right at 61st Ave NE
  • Turn left at NE 181st St
  • Turn left at 62nd Ave NE
  • Turn right at NE 182nd St

How do I get to the event — by bus?

To plan a bus trip to the CoR, use Metro Transit’s Trip Planner page.


How do I leave comments on this site?

You need to leave a valid e-mail address. Your comments will be moderated until the admins are reasonably convinced you’re not a spammer, a bot, or a spambot; after that, your status will be modified and you will be able to post comments without going through moderation. Naturally, abuse will result in banning.

How do I post articles on this site?

First, you need to create an ID with WordPress.com. You don’t need to create a blog, you can get just an ID; once it’s confirmed, you can come back here and request to be added as a contributor by writing to webmaster [AT] emeraldcitygamefest [DOT] org.

Please keep your posts reasonably topical — anything about tabletop games, the Seattle area gaming community, and other geeky topics is probably fine. Keep it clean, try not to be offensive, the usual.

If you are not familiar with the WordPress interface, you may want to check our instructions on how to post.

Should I write a post or a page? What’s the difference?

Although we have not been very strict about this, the rule of thumb should be that items that are written once and remain unchanged afterwards (except for fixing typos, etc.) are better off as posts; and articles that will be periodically updated are better as pages. For example:

Post Page
News items Contact information
Game reviews List of upcoming conventions
Game summaries FAQ
Articles on game design List of articles on game design

If you are posting on a topic that will remain interesting and current, for example an article on game design, a tutorial, a review, etc. then by all means add a link to the post under our list of articles.


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