FAQ: Posting and editing an article on this site

If you’re new to it, WordPress (the backbone of this incarnation of the Emerald City Gamefest site) has a few quirks. Here is a quick overview of the basics.

Writing the post

The basic interface is pretty simple, and has nice formatting and WYSIWYG capability. I recommend clicking the “Show/Hide Kitchen Sink” button to toggle on more formatting options, such as styles, underline, paragraph justification, font colour, indent, etc.

Take the time to check what the various buttons do; there are many useful features packed in those little toolbars. For example, the quote button lets you select quoted text which will be given a special format.

Be sure to add suitable tags and categories so your post will easily be found. Hit the “Save Draft” button in the upper right-hand corner from time to time; give WordPress the time to finish saving before you type anything more, or your last few keystrokes will be lost. You’ll get a “Page updated” message above the post when WP is finished saving.

When you’re certain that your post is ready to be viewed by the world, hit the blue “Publish” button. You can also be sneaky and schedule it to appear later; just above the “Publish” button is a little calendar icon, the words “Publish immediately” and an “Edit” link. By clicking “Edit”, you can select a date and time at which your post will appear. The blue “Publish” button will be replaced by a blue “Schedule” button that does the same thing, cue your post for public viewing at the appointed time.

Adding images and media

A post should always be accompanied by an image; having a picture near the start of the article somehow attracts a lot more readers. But the most annoying quirk in WP is that the scripts don’t work 100% with some browsers — especially the scripts to add images and media. Say I want to add a figure to my post. First, I need to click the “Add an Image” button above the formatting toolbar:

I can easily navigate to the image on my hard drive. Maybe I’ll be lucky and I can just continue on by following the cues from the script (Firefox works great with the WP scripts). But at that point, in some browsers I merely see the title of my image sitting there like a lump, and I can’t actually display it in my post:

The trick in order to get around this is to open another tab or window to the Media Library, available from the left-hand menu in the dashboard. Find the picture you just added (or click “Add New” to upload a new image), and click on “View” to see the image. Be sure to check that you’re using one of the image format WP recognizes, such as PNG or JPEG. Some formats may be uploaded for sharing, but may not display as images.

When your image is displayed, use your browser to view just the image, usually by right-clicking the image and selecting something like “View Image” from the context menu. Go to your location bar and select the file location, for example, something like https://gamefest.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/postingimages1.png. Go back to the tab or window that has the post you were editing, click on the “Add an Image” button, and select the “From URL” tab. Paste the location you just copied, select any other parameters (like how the image should be aligned), and voilà!

You can also click on the image again to “Edit Image” and add a title (which will be displayed as a “tool tip” when a mouse cursor moves over the image), a caption (which will be placed under the image), etc.

In the same way, you can add videos and other media.

Long Post?

If your post is long, consider finding a good “cliffhanger” spot in the first part and inserting a cut, using the button illustrated below.  It will display a cut in dashed lines.  In the published version, this will create a “Read more >>” link to the full text of your article.


The sad truth is that there aren’t very many easy ways to post tables without going through HTML code. If you don’t speak HTML, the easiest way may be to create the table through MS Word or another similar word processor, and paste it the edit window; but the formatting sometimes goes hinky. Alternately, you can switch to the HTML tab in the WordPress editing window:

Then you can paste HTML code generated by an HTML editor; if you are using Excel to create your table, you can use ASAP Utilities to capture the table as HTML code, and paste it in your post. You can toggle back and forth between the the Visual (WYSIWYG) and HTML interfaces.

If you’re stuck, send a note to webmaster [AT] emeraldcitygamefest [DOT] org and we’ll try to help you.

WordPress support and tutorials:


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