Our Core Values

  • Autonomy: We want the event to remain in our control.  Specifically, we don’t want anyone to dictate what type of games we can have (within the boundaries of the law), or to start adding membership or fee requirements.
  • Free: We want this to remain a free event.  We don’t want participants to have to pay a door or membership fee, or be required to join any organization.
  • Family friendly: We want this to remain a family-friendly event.  By this, we don’t mean that we want individual games to be PG-13; we mean that we want families to be able to attend and have fun, either together or at separate games and activities.  We support and welcome all families — single-parent and two-parent, nuclear and blended, LGBT, interfaith, mixed-race, reconstituted, extended, non-custodial, and all the other labels society creates.
  • Quality over quantity: The quality of Emerald City Gamefest should not be sacrificed for the sake of growing the event. Or stated another way — becoming a large convention is not the goal of Emerald City Gamefest, and the organizers will focus on producing the highest quality event possible.
  • Community supporting: We should constantly be connecting with any and all gamer communities in the area.  The includes the various game stores, developers and groups.  Community is key.  Emerald City Gamefest will also provide a connection with the non-gaming community through various works: volunteer work, charity, community events, and other methods.  This will strengthen the bond between the gaming and non-gaming communities.
  • Integrity: The Emerald City Gamefest Board will evaluate the position and status of voting Board members with respect to potential conflicts of interest on a case-by-case basis.  In general, voting members should not use the activities of Emerald City Gamefest for enrichment or profit.

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