Poll #1 – the setting

This poll will select an overall setting and genre for the campaign. It is intended to be pretty broad and for the most part I have picked pretty wide-open settings (Hot War and Tribe 8 being the narrowest of the settings). When you are voting, don’t think about the systems associated with the settings.  For the most part I dislike the systems of all these settings (Hot War being an exception) and we can determine a system for the setting later in the design process.

Think of the overall “feel” you want for the project as a whole, and what overall setting provides the most interest for you and gives you the most freedom for future decisions.

To review the choices in more detail, go here.

I’ll close the poll in a week or when I stop getting votes, write up the setting as part of the campaign bible, and we can move on to the next part of the design process.



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