Games for NW Conquest

Here are the games I am running for NW Conquest

Friday 2 pm

Arkham Horror (Board Game)

Based on the popular works of HP Lovecraft. The year is 1938. The Old Ones seek to rise and crush the pitiful race of man. Their minions flock to their bidding and open the gates between their worlds and yours. You are one of handful of investigators who seek to stop them. Can you succeed or will your body and sanity be too little to withstand the soul shattering horrors pitted against you?

Saturday 2 pm

The Horror of Blackmore Manor (AD&D 3.5)

For all those players who miss a good fashioned adventure. Generations have passed since a terrible curse befell Blackmoor Manor. To this day fearful peasants tell of the horrors that stalk those dreaded halls. Many have sought to destroy the unhallowed evil that lies there and failed. Can you succeed where they failed? For 6 players of 9th level.

Sunday noon

The Treasure of the Ebon Star (Star Wars d6)

An adventure set in the classic Rebellion era of Episodes IV-V. An old friend goes missing. Legends of an ancient treasure. Imperial entanglements. Open war raging between the bounty hunters, pirates and crime lords of an entire sector. How does it all tie together- and why are they all after you?

Oly 6 players per game (8 if well behaved and team players, so sign up early!

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