The Trouble with Santa Part 1

The Playful Watch: The Trouble with Santa

Part 1

Seargant Philbin Detmar gathered together some new recruits to find out why no toys were delivered on Christmas Eve.  The Zorceror had sent two messengers to the North Pole, but neither one had returned. It was their duty to go to the North Pole and find out what was wrong with Santa.

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Savage Lorax: The War Between Here and There (or There and Here)

The Lorax

The Lorax

A verse by Cara Pace (Displaced Yertle)


We were out pluffing the Truffla Treses

When there came what sounded a lot like a sneeze.

The Lorax appeared and gave us a new task,

we decided to do it, he didn’t have to ask

twice.  He brokered a deal between Here and There,

or There and Here, we really don’t care.

The daughter of the Earl would marry

the son of the Duke and all would be merry.

Sadly someone in There or someone in Here

decided the two shouldn’t be near.

The bride and groom were both kidnapped by persons unknown.

No one knows who took them, not even King Bartholomew

from his new throne.

The Lorax told us to find the culprits within six days,

to find them and make sure that the right someone pays.

We headed right away for Here (or was it There)

in my newly wingedMoseymottiller. 

( I wish that the Onceler had fiddled with some other vehiculer


We were loaded for cat (of the in Hat variety)

and ready for action.

We spoke with some flunky who looked at each of

us as if we were a monkey;

except for Mrs. Muncler, who was once a dancer to the King

of some far-off place.  The fellow took us to a Major,

who decided to allow us to “stick it to” the people of There.

But first we went to the young lady’s tree house.

By peeping around we found a note signed by General Khan,

a potentate of There and also a part of a Yertle’s Bamoulsu Bonker.

We were sure that the girl to the Khan had gone,

in the hands of Yertle’s who look exactally like tutrles.

The others asked me where to go to find a Yertle,

I thought for a moment of a place for a turtle.

The watering hole was known as the Rotting Log.

I’d call it more of a bog.Yertle

Suncler the Oncler played a great trick,

he made a bug look like a Yertle who was very slick.

The two of us entered the Log and drank some good grog.

The barkeep was suspicous so we asked him where to

find some good mercenaries.  He took some persaudin,

but pointed out a Yertle of shady looks,

who was looking at us like we were dirty books.

We tried to talk, but he wanted to fight.

I bonked him with my bonker with all of my might.

He almost fell down, but managed to stand.

In rushed the rest of our merry band.

It wasn’t a long fight, and with a lot of whining,

the Yertle told us we were over our heads

and would soon be dead. 

He was contacted by General Khan

asked to find some really strong

Yertles to kindnap the girl and bring here away.

We decided that we would not stay

in Here, but go to There.

So off we flew across the great pond.


Thursday Night Urchin Recap

I ran Urchin at the Wayward this Thursday for Rolf, Sarah, and John. It was a lot of fun as usual.


Coca Cola Kid (John’s 1st Character)


  • Schmoozing
  • Bottle Fighter
  • Soda Jerk

Milo Farnsworth (John’s 2nd Character)


  • I invented television
  • Static electric touch
  • No-one notices me

Veggie (As played by Sarah)


  • Blind Fighter
  • Puppy-dog eyes
  • High School Talent Show

Fingers (Rolf’s 1st character)


  • Crawl into places no-one should fit into.
  • Chew through things people should never put in their mouth.
  • Nyarlathotep’s Love child

Captain Greenwood (Rolf’s 2nd character)


  • Shoe-shining
  • Pocket full of centipedes
  • Defenestration

Scene 1

Fingers andVeggie decided to work together. They went on a quest to find tin foil to keep the starfish from reading Fingers’ mind. Veggie declared that the best place to find tinfoil was in the dumpsters at a nearby high school. The two scummers set off for Herbert West High School. They jumped into one of the dumpsters, but unfortunately they only thing they found was empty pudding cups and banana peels. Janitor Arnold Fuller spotted them and managed to drive both of them away, pretty much empty-handed. Continue reading

Toon City Vice: Arms Deals

I ran another game of Toon City Vice, a game based on the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” but set in apdos Angeles of the late 60s where Toon Town has grown into Toon City.

Here’s my introduction:

It’s January 1969, 20 years after Eddie Valiant solved the murder of Marvin Acme. The Soviet Union just launched Venera 5 and Venera 6 toward Venus.  Superbowl III is coming up. Nixon will be sworn in as President in a few months.

Toon City celebrated the New Year with a huge party. With the arrest of Tinkerbell last August, the Dust problem has almost disappeared. The Vice crew freed the other fairies, who then agreed to track down the Dust and dispose of it properly. So any flying done on New Years was by someone’s own power or just in their heads.

Unfortunately with the New Year, a new crises has arrived. Someone in Toon City is selling a new more advanced gun based on the Acme Disintegration Pistol.

The characters were:

  • Wile E Coyote played by John Reiher
  • Sasha the Hamms Bear played by Rolfe Bergstorm
  • Caspar the Friendly Ghost played by Sarah Bergstorm

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H.I.T.S. Recap by Steve

If you are curious about this past Thursday Night’s Game Steve posted a recap here:

Midnight Urchins: Game Recap

My game was quite fun to run. The players made me laugh a lot and I let them get away with too much because of it.

Dramatis Personae


Chum Budley as played by Michael


  • Projectile Vomit
  • Iron Liver
  • Stabbing Survivor

Chunk Budley as played by Michael


  • Crazy Face
  • Scary Fast
  • Even Chum makes sense to me

Mario as played by Steve


  • Walk away from terrible crashes
  • Don’t look dangerous
  • Inexplicably doesn’t smell bad

Blowfish as played by Mark


  • Um, I believe that’s mine
  • Punk’s Junk, heavy metal rules
  • The Pope is my godfather

Shackbuilder as played by Adam


  • Shackbuilding
  • Beard of frightening manliness
  • Technobabble

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Midnight Urchins at ConQuest NW

I will be running a game of “Urchin” starting at midnight on Sunday the 18th. Urchin is a crazy storygame which involves playing crazy homeless people who live under the subway system in New York. I ran it at midnight at last year’s Conquest and I also ran a midnight game at Dragonflight. It’s a lot of fun, but I think it should always be played late at night when you’re really tired.

Here’s the description of the game from

By Clint Krause
Based on the Independent Film by John Harlacher

Far below the streets of New York City, the outcast struggle for survival. This is Scum City. Nothing here is certain, but there are those who say that paradise is not far away. Will you be the one to lead us all to Agharta?

Welcome to Urchin, a role-playing game of survival against the odds, based on the independent film by director John Harlacher.

The game includes:
– Foreword by director John Harlacher.
– A unique, no-prep game system, designed to force players to be proactive.
– Secret paradise realms! Crime families! Neo-Nazi youth cults!
– Ideas, advice, and more!

Curious about the movie? Check out the official website at

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