Dragonflight 2013 convention program

coverI’ve finished preparing the program for the 2013 edition of Seattle’s Dragonflight game convention. It will be the 34th edition of the convention, and you can expect lots of board gaming, wargames, role-playing, miniatures games, etc.

In addition to the print version which will of course be available at the door that weekend (August 9-11, 2013), you can download it as an e-book in three different formats: .PDF (good for viewing onscreen on PC, iPad, etc.), .ePub (for Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, etc.) and .mobi (for Kindle, etc.)

The files should be posted shortly to the official convention site, but you can also get them from:

  • ISSUU: Viewable online in magazine format; to download as PDF, click on “Share” in the bottom left area, then on “Download.
  • Google Drive: Here is the PDF version; and here are the .ePub and .mobi versions, zipped together including cover and metadata.

Game Recap: Harbor City Afternoon

Harbor City News

News we haven’t made up, really.

Gunfight at Harbor City Prison

One prison guard was killed and several wound this morning when a firefight broke out at Harbor City Prison. An unidentified woman claiming to be a lawyer for the Highway Kings biker gang apparently smuggled several firearms into the prison. Reports are mixed on whether she was attempting to bust the Highway Kings out of prison or kill them. A dozen members of the motor cycle gang were killed as well as a super powered member known by the name White Lines. The super powered biker calling himself Skull that lead the group that took the deputy chief of police hostage on Wednesday, as well as the mystery woman, vanished in the chaos. The police have warrants out for both suspects and anyone with information about the attack or their whereabouts should contact the Harbor City police department. They are considered armed and dangerous.

Giant Robot Attacks School!

Yesterday a giant robot calling itself Omnipotron and claiming to be an alien invading Earth attacked the Jean-Baptiste Lamarck grade school. Despite the Mayor’s announcement and the events of Wednesday and Tuesday several ‘heroes’ arrived to battle the robot as well as the recently formed police Unusual Situations Group. While many children were injured in the incident the only serious injury was to Captain Lewis, commander of the USG. Even with most of his team defeated Captain Lewis was instrumental in bringing down the robot. He is presently hospitalized but reported to be in good condition. The robot turned out not to be an alien invader or a rogue Garibaldi or Goliath Corporation robot but a robot vehicle built and piloted by a local inventor. As a minor the perpetrator’s name is being kept out of the press but sources indicate that the U.S. Army weapons development group is attempting to recruit them in exchange for a commuted sentence. Seahawk, a local professor and part time ‘hero’ was arrested at the scene for vigilantism. His lawyer is arguing that he was just pulling children to safety and that his actions fall under Good Samaritan laws. Also identified at the scene were masked vigilante The Confessor and Bitch Seat, wanted in connection to a series of homicides related to biker gangs.

Deputy Police Chief out of Intensive Care

The deputy chief of police was released from intensive care this morning, though he still remains hospitalized. The deputy chief was one of fifteen people held hostage at Anne’s Restaurant on Wednesday. Only two cooks managed to escape the situation unharmed. The other hostages were hospitalized with the deputy chief and four others, including two children, critically wounded. Members of the Highway Kings biker gang lead by two super powered individuals calling themselves Skull and White Lines took the hostages demanding the release of their fellow gang members in exchange. Several members of the Highway Kings had been arrested Tuesday in a gunfight and firebombing of a bank in downtown Harbor City. This was the first test of Mayor Pennywise’s new Unusual Situations Group, a team of veteran police officers equipped with high technology weapons donated to the city by the Garibaldi Corporation. Unfortunately several ‘heroes’ lead by the Brick intervened and almost brought down the building resulting in hostages being shot and buried under rubble. After the incident, the Brick and well known ‘hero’ the Ultimate turned themselves over to the police.

The Brick Recants Actions as Vigilante

Today the ‘hero’ known to the nation for decades as The Brick spoke before a crowd at city hall announcing his retirement. “After many conversations with Mayor Pennywise I have come to agree with him and regret my actions as a vigilante,” said the Brick. “People with powers should pursue less dangerous activities. Put their abilities to good use in trades like construction.” The Brick apologized to the people of Harbor City and the hostages harmed by his actions and their families. He said that he was giving up vigilantism and encouraged others to do so. “If you have to continue fighting crime, please take up the mayor’s offer and get police training,” he implored his fellow ‘heroes’. According to counsel the Ultimate, also arrested after Wednesday’s incident, will fight the charges. A nationwide letter writing campaign by the Ultimate’s fans is already underway.

Game Convention Blurbs

On his blog, Ryan Macklin — game writer, podcaster, and producer — has some very good thoughts about how to write a good game “blurb”  for advertising at a convention and, I would add, for weekly games too.

I’m not going to repeat his ideas here, I’d rather you read it from him, but I also want to point quickly to some thoughts I jotted down here some time ago on running a con game, including writing game blurbs.

Having recently prepared the convention for Dragonflight for the fourth year in a row, I can tell you that most GMs don’t put enough effort into their game pitch.  It’s often unclear, too long and verbose, or merely grabbed from an online review (like those from RPG Geek and Board Game Geek).  When you scroll through the list of games, it doesn’t make your eye and brain stop on the description.

Despite what Ryan describes, I get most of my convention players from people who liked the game description (and friends, of course.)  I always make sure my game blurb doesn’t look like “second verse, same as the first!”


Wade Rockett will be running an octaNe game from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.  Here’s the description –

Seattle’s Chinatown has been sealed off from the rest of the world by a mysterious force – with you in it! Face off against Triad gangsters, sexy ghosts, hopping vampires, ancient demons and more as you struggle to find a way home. Pregenerated characters will include a wide variety of people who might be in the ID on the 4th of July weekend, such as a cosplaying anime fan, a Hong Kong detective on the trail of a crime boss, a member of the local fighting tong, a Taoist sorcerer, or Ichiro Suzuki. Spend power points to receive lucky red envelopes containing facts and rumors, surprising secrets about your character, or new twists to the story! octaNe is a rules-light game for those who love improvisational roleplaying.

We’re still looking for more games.  Come on – you know you want to run something!  Drop me a line at tlucretius@gmail.com and sign up to run something.  Help support the game community in Seattle!

Emerald City Gamefest is here

This year’s Emerald City Gamefest, Seattle’s foremost free, family, fun gaming event will be held on July 2nd from 10:00 am – 6:30 pm in the undercroft of the Church of the Redeemer, 6211 Northeast 182nd Street in Kenmore.  This year we are pleased to announce that we will be offering our gamer garage sale at the same time, so if you are looking to sell games you don’t want, or give a good home to someone else’s unwanted games, come on by and check it out!

As always, we are looking for people to run games at our event.  If you want to run a board, card, or roleplaying game at the gamefest, see the information on game registration

Thanks to Everyone!

Thanks to everyone who attended this year’s Emerald City Gamefest!  On behalf of all the members of the Flying Committee, we hope you enjoyed yourselves, and look forward to seeing you next year!

VCON 34 – Oct 2-4, 2009

The following post is an announcement received from Jenni Merrifield at VCON in Vancouver, BC. The convention sounds like a lot of fun!


My name is Jenni Merrifield and I have recently taken over the role of Games Coordinator for VCON 34. I am sending out this message to gamers and gaming groups primarily in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest as a call to action – by promoting the VCON games room and filling you in on some of the incentives available for gamers in general and anyone interested in hosting game events during the convention I hope to encourage you and all your friends to come out to our event!

Quick Summary for the “TLDR” crowd

  • VCON is Western Canada’s longest running science fiction, fantasy and gaming fan convention, held in the Vancouver, BC, Canada metropolitan area every October. VCON 34 is Oct 2-4, 2009. Details at www.vcon.ca
  • VCON 34’s games room is open 24 hours and has scheduled game events, drop in games, and free-play tables available.
  • There is a reduced price pass for those who are primarily interested in gaming scene and do not intend to attend other scheduled programming.
  • More hosts are needed to run scheduled game events during core programming hours – any host who commits to at least 4 hours of game events is eligible for a discounted membership rate.
  • The VCON 34 Games Coordinator is looking to connect with individuals with almost any significant connection to the table top or video gaming industries who would be interested in attending the con as a programming guest and participating in game related programming.

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