Are people still using this site?

Doesn’t look like anything has been published here since 2013. Is anyone still using this site? If not I am going to delete it. I can download the content before deletion if anyone wants it. And of course if it is still being used I am happy to keep it.


Game On!

Happy New Year and new decade, gamers!  It’s 2011 and once again I ask: Where the heck is my jetpack? my Moon Base? my time machine?  Until they materialize (ha-ha), I will have to continue gaming, I guess.

What did you play this past year?  What do you plan on playing in the coming one?  In 2010 my own game time and access were much reduced, but I got t try a few new system and continue with other games including:

  • Green Ronin’s Dragon Age
  • Pelgrane Press’ Skulduggery
  • Evil Hat Productions’ Dresden Files
  • Triple Ace Games’ Sundered Skies for Savage Worlds
  • Contested Ground Studio’s Hot War
  • Ronin Arts’ vs. Outlaws
  • Black Library’s Dark Heresy setting, in Pinnacle Entertainment Games’  Savage Worlds system
  • Moon Design’s Heroquest 2, in the Holistic Press’ Fading Suns setting

2011 started with a new episode of Dresden Files yesterday and it looks like more Savage Heresy, more Dragon Age, and a mini-series of Shadowrun 4 will cover the next few weeks, at least.

What about you?

Kobold Quarterly Adopt-a-Soldier holiday contest

The folks at Kobold Quarterly magazine are running a contest through the end of December to promote their Adopt-a-Soldier gift subscription program. Civilians and military personnel are invited to enter the contest by signing up for the program, signing someone else up for the program, and/or blogging and Twittering about the contest.

Runners-up in the contest receive a “Small but Fierce” logo pack with a postcard and sticker featuring the Adopt-A-Soldier logo. The Grand Prize winners — one soldier and one civilian — receive:

  • 3 dice sets by Q-Workshop
  • A signed copy of Soldiers of Fortune: War and Military Adventure in a Fantasy World, due out in March 2010
  • The Kobold’s Guide to Game Design Volumes I and II
  • Patronage in an Open Design project of the winner’s choice (or an upgrade to an existing patronage)
  • A profile and a hearty “thank you” in the next issue of Kobold Quarterly

The Kobolds tell us that the contest has resulted in a lot of new sponsors signing up, so if you have friends in the military, tell ’em to visit and register for a free gift subscription. (And tell them to drop your name when they sign up: there is apparently a secret prize for whoever gets the most new program members enrolled!)

Mouse Guard RPG for the win!

The Mouse Guard Role-Playing Game just won this year’s Origin Award for Best RPG, beating Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition and Pelgrane Press’ Trail of Cthulhu. Dave Petersen, the author of the comic books this RPG is based on, is justifiably proud.

In the same post, Petersen also points us to a most wonderful conversion and modelling project undertaken by Walter “Darkwolf” Harris. Harris started from Ewok action figures and converted them to posable Mouse Guard characters, including Saxon, Kenzie, Lieam, Sadie, Celanawe, Midnight, Rand, Conrad, and Gwendolyn. Do check his post to see lots of photos and a step-by-step description of the work involved.  I think my favourite is Celanawe.

Mouse Guard models.  Copyright 2009 Walter Darkwolf Harris.

Mouse Guard models. Copyright 2009 Walter "Darkwolf" Harris.

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