Articles and reviews

Still working on the Website facelift, we’ve consolidated a lot of the game-related articles and reviews we had posted in the last few years into one convenient location. You can find them listed in the Articles section, and of course you can browse the tags and categories in the left sidebar. Don’t hesitate to submit new articles if you have a good idea.

We’ve also started adding information on upcoming game-related conventions and events on our Google-based “webmaster @ emeraldcitygamefest . org” calendar, which can be accessed here. The feed for upcoming events also appears in the right sidebar on this site.


Changes made to Warhammer 40K game

After reviewing and play testing the Apocalypse it’s been decided that it will be more fun for participants to have more time than 4 hours to play.

Emerald City Gamefest is sponsoring an Apocalypse event in the very near future. The date and location will be determined prior to November 17 and sign-ups for the Apocalypse event will be available at Emerald City Gamefest.

In the mean time, come and play a hefty “regular” WH40K game at Emerald City Gamefest on November 17. Five-hundred point armies are available for loaning to players; participants may also bring their own 500-point amies if they like.

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