Dragonflight 2013 convention program

coverI’ve finished preparing the program for the 2013 edition of Seattle’s Dragonflight game convention. It will be the 34th edition of the convention, and you can expect lots of board gaming, wargames, role-playing, miniatures games, etc.

In addition to the print version which will of course be available at the door that weekend (August 9-11, 2013), you can download it as an e-book in three different formats: .PDF (good for viewing onscreen on PC, iPad, etc.), .ePub (for Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, etc.) and .mobi (for Kindle, etc.)

The files should be posted shortly to the official convention site, but you can also get them from:

  • ISSUU: Viewable online in magazine format; to download as PDF, click on “Share” in the bottom left area, then on “Download.
  • Google Drive: Here is the PDF version; and here are the .ePub and .mobi versions, zipped together including cover and metadata.

Free gift for pre-paid Dragonflight registration

Dragonflight has just received  a very generous donation of 500 copies of “The CrossRoads of Eternity RPG” from Arcadiam Games!  Each book retails for $24.99 and we are giving them to you for FREE with your paid con registration.  Of course, only the first 500 get them.  All pre-registered attendees are guaranteed a copy!  Thank you Arcadiam Games!


Dragonflight overview on Seattle Geekly

Episode 25 of the Seattle Geekly podcast talk about Dragonflight and interview Ken Cassady (Convention Director) and Wilhelm Fitzpatrick (Events Manager). The interview starts about 15 minutes into the podcast.

Also features an overview and interview about the costuming convention Innocente Seraphim (InnoSera).

Hosts Shannon Flowers and Matt Hammond will be at Dragonflight on Saturday, participating in the 2PM panel on Podcasting & Gaming, along with Ogre Whiteside of Stabbing Contest and Mickey Schulz of Geek Girls Rule!

Dragonflight pre-convention program

CoverThe pre-convention program for the 2009 edition of the Dragonflight convention is now posted.  It offers a snapshot of the games scheduled to date.  It’s sure to change quite a bit by the time of the convention but hopefully it will whet your appetite!

Dragonflight coming to you in August!

Have you seen the new ads for Dragonflight on Metro Seattle buses? I think they look pretty darn cool. They’re reminding you that the oldest game convention in the Northwest — celebrating its 30th edition this year! — is coming in just four weeks. You can pre-register for $40 for the entire weekend until July 31; it will be $50 at the door. Day passes and children discounts available.

LAN Game coordinator needed

Dragonflight is looking for someone to oversee the LAN and computer gaming at this year’s Dragonflight.  Perks include free admission and lodging for the convention, plus unending fame and the gratitude of many convention-goers.

Anyone interested should contact Ken Cassady

Dragonflight XXX draws near!


Dates: Friday through Sunday, August 7-9, 2009
Location: Bellevue Hilton Hotel 300 112th Avenue SE, Bellevue, WA

Convention Hours: Non-Stop 12:30 PM Friday to 6:00 PM Sunday

Onsite Registration Hours:

  • Friday, 8/7/09, 12:30 PM to 9 PM (Noon for Pre-registered attendees)
  • Saturday, 8/8/09, 8 AM to 9 PM
  • Sunday, 8/9/09, 8 AM to 6 PM

Lodging: Call the Bellevue Hilton directly. Mention “Dragonflight” for a discount.
Call 425-455-1300 or 1-800-HILTONS (1-800-445-8667)

The Dragonflight Convention started in 1980 and is one of the longest running gaming conventions in the Pacific Northwest. This event gathers together more than 500 players and GMs to play in or run some 300 events spread over three days in August. Here is a list of what we offer:

  • Board games
  • Role-playing
  • RPGA
  • Miniatures
  • LARP (Live Action Role-playing)
  • Networked Computer Games
  • Card games
  • Seminars
  • An auction featuring all kinds of gaming collectible
  • Vendors from around the Seattle area, including Game Stores, Game Companies, Artists, Online Magazines, and other resources that are related to gaming.

Most of our events are geared toward adult and young adult players, although a growing number each year are designed just for younger players (ages 8 and up).

This year’s guest speakers will include

– Seth Johnson: lead designer for Heroclix, author of the RPG Sketch, support material for other RPG systems.
– Tim Beach: tons of mid-90s D&D stuff (Dragonlance, Al-Qadim, Planescape, Dark Sun, etc)
– Austin Searles: Designeder of “Badlands of Orgoth”.
– Matt Picio: contributor to Ad Astra Games Attack Vector: Tactical and Saganami Island Tactical Simulator 3D space combat games.

See what’s happening at this year’s Dragonflight!

Sign up to run games for Dragonflight
Information for GMs
Volunteer at Dragonflight!

Register for Dragonflight online

Full weekend rates
(through July 31) Adult/Child under 12: $40.00/$20.00
(at the door) Adult/Child under 12: $50.00/$25.00

Daily rates
(Friday, August 7) Adult/Child under 12: $30.00 / $15.00
(Saturday, August 8) Adult/Child under 12: $35.00 / $20.00
(Sunday, August 9) Adult/Child under 12: $35.00 / $20.00

Twitter account: http://twitter.com/dragonflight
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