What do you think of this monkey?

Here’s a preview of the art for this year’s Emerald City Gamefest (click on the image to see larger version).

At the last Gamefest planning meeting, we decided to go with “frugal monkey” as the theme for our November 2009 game day. We figured that in these crappy economic times, a free game day was pretty good!

I’ve been asked to draw our flying monkey mascot accordingly, and I just came up with a draft (with my apologies to Norman Rockwell.)

All comments, critiques, suggestions, etc. are welcomed!


Talking ’bout us

A roundup of recent blog threads discussing last week’s Gamefest:

  • Fear The Boot: Episode #124 of the podcast and a recent blog entry talk about our guest Wolfgang Baur’s endeavours (Kobold Quarterly) and about Emerald City Gamefest. They have nice words for the event and even a photo.
  • The Blog of Michael Clinard: Speaking of photos, Michael shows some of the portraits he took at the Gamefest. You may remember Michael was the charming photographer set up in the far corner, a complete newcomer to gaming!
  • The Bar None: Heath White’s blog, where he talked about our event and links to a bunch of additional cool photos.
  • The Gumby Cave: Our chairman’s LiveJournal entry and his impression of the event.
  • The Redmond Menace: Steve Enemark says he had an excellent time, and we’re delighted to hear it!
  • Geek Girls Rule!: Our guest Mickey Schulz talks, in issue #65 of her blog, about the games she ran (The Keep) and played (In A Wicked Age) at the Gamefest.
  • Shastapsh Chronicles: Kevin Smyth posted about his gorgeous awesome Sky Galleons of Mars game: SGoM at the Gamefest. Photos!
  • Story Games: Johnzo, Kristian, Wilhelm, Jackson, Mickey, Lukas, and Ben talk about the event in Emerald City Game Fest = Hot, with many kind words. Blush!

Thank you to everyone who showed up. If you know of more blog or forum threads discussing our event, please let us know!

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