Who wants to take this baby for a spin?

(From EcoGeek.org)

(From EcoGeek.org)

From EcoGeek.org, a resource I was mentioning recently:

For the tenth year in a row, MIT students have designed a solar race car to compete in the World Solar Challenge, a seven-day, 2,000-mile race across Australia. This year’s model is called Eleanor and she crushes the stereotype that solar cars can only go slow. (Read the rest)

Can you look at this thing and not start thinking about using it in a game?


Non-gaming game fodder: Environmental Graffiti


Environmental Graffiti (“Seriously Awesome Environmental News”) is a blog I subscribe to for its interesting take on environmental news.  But it finally dawned on me that it also makes a fantastic source of visuals and setting ideas for role-playing games.  Seriously, browse a few articles — all of them are lavishly illustrated — and see if that doesn’t give you a bunch of ideas for adventures, settings, or characters.

For example, the photo above makes me want to play Blue Planet again!

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