Dragonflight 2013 convention program

coverI’ve finished preparing the program for the 2013 edition of Seattle’s Dragonflight game convention. It will be the 34th edition of the convention, and you can expect lots of board gaming, wargames, role-playing, miniatures games, etc.

In addition to the print version which will of course be available at the door that weekend (August 9-11, 2013), you can download it as an e-book in three different formats: .PDF (good for viewing onscreen on PC, iPad, etc.), .ePub (for Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, etc.) and .mobi (for Kindle, etc.)

The files should be posted shortly to the official convention site, but you can also get them from:

  • ISSUU: Viewable online in magazine format; to download as PDF, click on “Share” in the bottom left area, then on “Download.
  • Google Drive: Here is the PDF version; and here are the .ePub and .mobi versions, zipped together including cover and metadata.

Thanks to Everyone!

Thanks to everyone who attended this year’s Emerald City Gamefest!  On behalf of all the members of the Flying Committee, we hope you enjoyed yourselves, and look forward to seeing you next year!

Mouse Guard RPG for the win!

The Mouse Guard Role-Playing Game just won this year’s Origin Award for Best RPG, beating Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition and Pelgrane Press’ Trail of Cthulhu. Dave Petersen, the author of the comic books this RPG is based on, is justifiably proud.

In the same post, Petersen also points us to a most wonderful conversion and modelling project undertaken by Walter “Darkwolf” Harris. Harris started from Ewok action figures and converted them to posable Mouse Guard characters, including Saxon, Kenzie, Lieam, Sadie, Celanawe, Midnight, Rand, Conrad, and Gwendolyn. Do check his post to see lots of photos and a step-by-step description of the work involved.  I think my favourite is Celanawe.

Mouse Guard models.  Copyright 2009 Walter Darkwolf Harris.

Mouse Guard models. Copyright 2009 Walter "Darkwolf" Harris.

Latest episode of the Shastapsh Chronicles

Copyright Michael Clinard 2008

Copyright Michael Clinard 2008

Kevin Smyth and his Red Captains again fight the good fight in the skies of Mars with their latest episode of the Shastapsh Chronicles: Flight from Shastapsh: The Campaign Begins, a Sky Galleons of Mars campaign.

I played this scenario before at a Dragonflight convention, I don’t remember which one. This was fun as the British were saddled with the slow moving dirigibles, lumber beasts of the air, and easy targets for the mystery vessels to take down.

And it seems that history repeats itself, as the mystery raiders take down two of the British airships. The same ones that were taken down when I played this scenario.


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