July 4th Sale Successful!

Our 4th of July sale was a great success. We earned enough money selling new and used games at the Metro Seattle Gamers clubhouse that we are able to secure the rest of the time needed for the Gamefest at Northgate Community Center on November 15th!

The previous two years we used the space up at Third Place Commons in Lake Forest Park. As nice as that was, we’ve outgrown that space and have decided to move into nicer digs. Thanks to the sale, and our other activities with ConQuestNW and Dragonflight, we’ve earned enough money to pay for a really nice space.


4th of July Gaming Garage Sale!

Announcing the Emerald City Gamefest 4th of July Gaming Garage Sale!

On July 4th, the Emerald City Gamefest and the Metro Seattle Gamers will hold a gaming Garage Sale at the MSG club house. Role playing games, board games, card games, all will be on sale from 1PM to 5PM! The proceeds from this sale will go to pay for this year’s Emerald City Gamefest in November!

However, we need your help to make our target, so if you have any games that you want to donate or to sell at the sale, let us know. If you want to sell your games, all we ask is a 50% share of the sale to go the Emerald City Gamefest.

Proceeds from donated games will go directly to the Emerald City Gamefest.

So bring your games and your cash and join us for a 4th of July Gaming Garage Sale!

Date: July 4, 2008
Time: 1PM to 5PM

Metro Seattle Gamers Clubhouse
1600 W Armory Way, #C-106
Seattle, WA, 98119-2730
Phone: 206-781-0047

For more information, contact us at the following address and let us know if you want to donate or sell your games at the 4th of July Gaming Garage Sale!

E-mail our coordinator if you have questions. Also, post comments here as well.

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