Playtest review: Danger Patrol!

Last night we tried the beta playtest version of Danger Patrol.  Created by Seattle game designer John  Harper, Danger Patrol is a quick-start role-playing game where players take the roles of pulp science-fiction heroes.  Character creation takes only a few minutes and play is quick and fairly simple, revolving around elements of danger added on-the-fly by the players and game master.  This is a great match for the Emerald City Gamefest Thursday Night Open Game sessions or a pick-up game among friends.


The game is still in beta testing so there is no lavish production.  It’s a neatly laid-out PDF document with a ’30s science-fiction look, but the only illustrations are icons, examples of use of dice, markers, etc., and a head shots of “Professor Bradbury” and “Danger Cadet Billy”, the narrators (or the Clippies) of the game, answering the questions expected from readers.

The writing is clear and kept short, and the information is well organized for quick reference.  There are many useful checklists and cheat sheets, such as the list of the “stuff you need” to play (what types of dice and how many, markers, tokens, etc.), the step-by-step character creation process, the scene sequence, the “GM jobs and threat move” page, the list of “heroic actions”, the rules summaries, etc.

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Game Recap: The Treasure of the Templars!

From the diary of Victoria Smythe, super genius
Dear Diary,

Our latest adventure has turned out to be quite a corker. We’ve been ambushed by Nazis, arrested by Bedouin, ambushed by Bedouin, ambushed by Nazis again, well, probably best to start from the beginning.

Dr. Dickerson, whom Dr. Davenport and I worked with in Paris a few years ago (And I don’t care what the French government says, my idea to reach the moon by converting the Eiffel Tower into a space going vessel would have worked!), invited me to a talk he was giving on his specialty, the history of the Templars. As mom and dad are always telling me I shouldn’t be running around without adult supervision I invited Brianna to come along. Unlike that incompetent harridan Lady Valentine who is constantly butting into our adventures, Brianna is quite nice.
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Savage Worlds Explorer’s Edition

(Cross-posted to, where it won 2nd prize for Actual Play Week.)

Offering superior value for the money, this book is a great choice for quick adaptation of your crazy offbeat setting ideas.

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