Trick Question

Like many games, Savage Worlds tries to provide some choice during combat by having a number of combat maneuvers that work slightly differently than a regular attack. Some of these are relatively straight forward. For example, Double Tap increases the to-hit and damage of a gun attack at the cost of using up more ammo. However, since most games of Savage Worlds do not actually keep track of ammo, there is pretty much no reason not to use this maneuver at all times. Some maneuvers are less obviously useful, for example Trick.

Tricks represent those stunts we’ve all seen in movies where someone tries to distract their opponent by calling out “Look behind you!” or throwing sand in their eyes. Comparing the effectiveness of Tricks versus a regular attack turns out to be a very difficult problem. It depends on the characteristic used for the trick, the characteristic used for defense, the combat skill that would be used otherwise, the target’s defense against an attack, the damage of the attack, the target’s toughness, the target’s spirit, heck, under certain circumstances initiative affects the utility of a trick. Given this, there is no absolute answer to how useful Tricks are in Savage Worlds. However, this article will try to present a rough estimate. Continue reading


Savage Statistics

Savage Worlds has become one of the mainstays of the Emerald City Gamefeast. It is reasonably crunchy but flexible enough to work with many different games without too much tinkering. However, the game does have a number of quirks and some very odd dice probabilities and so it seems worth taking an in-depth look at the game’s mechanics.

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Game Recap: The Treasure of the Templars!

From the diary of Victoria Smythe, super genius
Dear Diary,

Our latest adventure has turned out to be quite a corker. We’ve been ambushed by Nazis, arrested by Bedouin, ambushed by Bedouin, ambushed by Nazis again, well, probably best to start from the beginning.

Dr. Dickerson, whom Dr. Davenport and I worked with in Paris a few years ago (And I don’t care what the French government says, my idea to reach the moon by converting the Eiffel Tower into a space going vessel would have worked!), invited me to a talk he was giving on his specialty, the history of the Templars. As mom and dad are always telling me I shouldn’t be running around without adult supervision I invited Brianna to come along. Unlike that incompetent harridan Lady Valentine who is constantly butting into our adventures, Brianna is quite nice.
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