Star Trek PDQ#: Character Creation

Starfleet logoSometimes, I can be a little scatterbrained. I posted the game summaries for Mark’s PDQ#-based Star Trek game, run on the Monday night Skype open games, but I forgot to post the character creation rules. Anyhow, here they are.

The premise: the crew of the USS Resolute is the second-wave team, charged with establishing diplomatic relations and trade with suitable worlds that were recently visited by the Constitution-class ships like the USS Enterprise and the USS Hood.

For the adventure, see the characters descriptions, and the summaries of Episode 1, Episode 2,and Episode 3.

The complete rules for the game system are here. For the purposes of Star Trek campaign, Swashbuckling Fortes should be replaced by Starship Fortes.

1. Choose a name, rank, and job on the ship.

You can really choose anything you want that you can justify as being on the ship. Here are some typical Navy-style ranks and jobs that you might find on a ship:

  • Captain, Commander, Lt Commander, Lieutenant, Lieutenant (Junior Grade), Ensign
  • Master Chief Petty Officer, Senior Chief Petty Officer, Chief Petty Officer
  • Petty Officer (1st, 2nd & 3rd Class), Crewman, Crewman Recruit
  • Chief Engineer, Chief Science Officer, Waste Reclamation Specialist, Defense Contractor, Reporter, Ambassador, Foreign Exchange Officer, Stowaway, Security Personnel, Starfleet Marine, Spy, Assistant Cook’s Mate, Medical Officer.

2. Choose one or more Foibles.

A Foible is a failing or feature that presents opportunities for interesting failure. All Starfleet crew and Federation employees should take the foible Prime Directive. Some foible examples:

  • Pacifist
  • Likes the Green Chicks
  • Always helps those in need
  • Curious to a fault
  • Transporter psychosis

3. Chose a Motivation Forte.

A motivation Forte starts out at Good [+2] and serves as the primary reason you’re on the ship. These tend to be long term dreams and goals. Some example motivating Fortes:

  • Explore the Galaxy
  • Heal People
  • Learn about other lifeforms
  • Bring honor to my planet and its people

4. Chose a Past Forte.

A past forte starts at Good [+2] and explains how you came to be here, what made you the person you are today. Some example past fortes:

  • Science wunderkind
  • Hero of The Great Collapse of New Betelgeuse
  • Graduated with honors
  • Reformed master thief
  • Mister Fixit

5. Choose a Starship Forte.

This replaces the Swashbuckling Forte in the PDQ# rules. This should be your area of expertise on a starship. Examples:

  • Transporter Engineering
  • Tactical Operations
  • Command the troops
  • Phaser marksman

6. Add more fortes and/or increase your existing ones.

You have 4 additional Good [+2] ranks to create new fortes or bump up your existing ones as high as Master [+6].

7. Add up to 5 points of Techniques.

See pg. 6 of the PDQ# rules for a description of Techniques. Techniques chained to a Starfleet forte cost 1 point, chained to another forte cost 2 points, and unchained techniques cost 3 points.

8. Style Dice.

You get to start with 1 style die.


Who wants to take this baby for a spin?



From, a resource I was mentioning recently:

For the tenth year in a row, MIT students have designed a solar race car to compete in the World Solar Challenge, a seven-day, 2,000-mile race across Australia. This year’s model is called Eleanor and she crushes the stereotype that solar cars can only go slow. (Read the rest)

Can you look at this thing and not start thinking about using it in a game?

Non-gaming game fodder: Environmental Graffiti


Environmental Graffiti (“Seriously Awesome Environmental News”) is a blog I subscribe to for its interesting take on environmental news.  But it finally dawned on me that it also makes a fantastic source of visuals and setting ideas for role-playing games.  Seriously, browse a few articles — all of them are lavishly illustrated — and see if that doesn’t give you a bunch of ideas for adventures, settings, or characters.

For example, the photo above makes me want to play Blue Planet again!

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